MySQL Correlated Subquery Best Practices

I've been getting around this type of issue with script instead of handling it with the initial query, and I was wondering how best to approach it from a SQL perspective.
Using this table as an example,
ExampleHow would I design a query to select any ticket names that are like ('Replace PCs%' and IS_PARENT='1') as well as any ticket that has the PARENT_ID of the previously selected tickets? So, basically, how do I return an array containing both parent and children tickets related to a specific ticket name pattern? I would need the array to hold all fields related to the selected records. Thanks for reading.
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Here is an approach, but MySQL is quite limited in its capabilities for hierarchical data. The following assumes just a 2 tier hierarchy as depicted.
from tickets
where is_parent = 1
and ticket_name  like 'Replace PCs%'

union all

from tickets c
inner join (
            from tickets
            where is_parent = 1
            and ticket_name  like 'Replace PCs%'
           ) p on c.parent_id =

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{+ edit}  small note: providing sample data in a re-usable way is appreciated (not images)

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thedeal56Author Commented:
Thank you so much.  That helps a lot.  Sorry for the static image.
no problem, it wasn't too much typing, keep it in mind next time
(using an embedded image is better than an attached image as we don't have to flip between pages)

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