move server for webhosting is it possible to move email to another webhosting

both of server use cpanel  i want to move  pop3 acount and data  to ano ther web hosting it is posible or not
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If you use POP3 connection to  check email , the email is already on your local computer (unless you have setting on the email client software to leave a copy to the server).You don't need to do   any email  transfer as using IMAP in which email is stored on the server instead of  your local computer.
cPanel to cPanel transfers are very easy. The receiving host (or you, if you have access to WHM) just uses the transfer option: give the receiving server your old account's username and password abs it'll copy your account details including email accounts, add-on/parked domains, email forwarders, website and database automatically. It also sets the old server to forward mail to the new server if you use it as a nameserver too.

You'll want to change the nameservers on your domain to point at the new server beacaue the old host will delete your account eventually but cPanel's transfer feature removes the need for a waiting time for propagation of DNS changes.

The PCs you have checking POP3 mailboxes will need no change they use or for the incoming/outgoung server names, but they will need updating to the new server name if you use the old server's actual hostname.

Short answer to your question though yes, and very easily.

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