windows 7 license


qns1.  I am running a copy of win 7 enterprise on my laptop and wish to know where I can purchase the cheapest license rather than pay over the odds  ?

I am looking on ebay currently but wanted to check
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Dan CraciunIT ConsultantCommented:
Let me know if I understood correctly:
a. you're running an unlicensed copy of Windows 7 Enterprise on your laptop and you want to legalize that, or
b. you have bought a license for Windows 7 Enterprise and you need additional licenses?

For a, you can't. You can buy a GGK license, but that will be for Windows 7 Professional or Home. You need a Volume License for the Enterprise version.
For b, considering you cannot buy Enterprise licenses unless part of a Volume License package, contact the reseller that sold you the current licenses.


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For your info, the enterprise license cannot be bought as a single package but in a contract that would at least consist of 5 licenses. [of course there are software resellers that sell you 1 enterprise license and 4 "fillout-licenses like forefront CALs" to make it cheaper]
Do you really need enterprise? Why? Should use ultimate, you can still change the edition.
mikey250Author Commented:
hi mcknife,  I am using a domain network and don't know no different, ie why I should use 'home basic, professional instead as I wish to be able to troubleshoot and use all features.

I have located an x-volume legal copy of win 7 that also allows me to install win 7 as many times as I wish on upto 3 machines of any type, so im currently looking at that.

I assume 'ultimate & enterprise' were the same.

knowing when to choose the following would be nice to know:

- home basic - home use

- professional - sbs software I assume preferred

- ultimate - used for domains also, although I think it is the same as enterprise and just known as different name

- enterprise - used for domains I think
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Your info about editions needs to be updated. Read and
Ultimate can do more than enterprise but is basically only enterprise with DVD-playback support ;)

For business use, pro is ok, too, as it can join domain. It lacks applocker and Bitlocker, for example, so features, some people might need.
You have a lot of misconceptions about the licensing...

Windows 7 comes in a number of different editions:

   Home Basic - not even worth talking about
   Home Premium - for home use, comes with the ability to play DVDs, windows media center etc.
   Professional - for business use, allows you to join to a domain, use remote desktop, group policies etc.
   Enterprise - has a few extra features like DIrectAccess, BranchCache, BitLocker etc. that are useful to large enterprise, and is available only to volume license customers with software assurance
   Ultimate - has all the home + professional + enterprise edition features bundled together. This edition was mostly a marketing ploy by Microsoft aimed at home users who "want to have it all"

Windows 7 is available for license in a few different ways:

   Retail licensing (e.g. a fully packaged boxed product) - Home, Professional and Ultimate editions may be licensed this way
   OEM licensing (e.g. a sticker affixed to the computer by the manufacturer) - you don't buy this yourself, it comes with your computer
   Volume Licensing (e.g. an agreement with Microsoft for bulk licensing purchased through a reseller) - you are given a login to an online portal called Microsoft Volume License Service Center (VLSC), where you are given license keys for every edition of Windows you are eligible to use. If you also purchase Software Assurance, you'll get a key to the Enterprise edition too. These keys can be activated multiple times. You are also given download links to the relevant ISOs you can burn to install the product.

There are NO retail licenses to Windows that I know of that let you legitimately install it on multiple computers. The only license keys that you are allowed to use on more than one PC is a volume license.

You probably want the Professional edition of Windows. If you have a volume license agreement with Microsoft you should use that license key. Find your login credentials for your VLSC portal to obtain your license keys if you don't already have it.

If you know that you need to buy a single copy of Windows outright you need to purchase a retail copy of Windows.

If you are buying licenses from eBay or from random websites online you run a very high risk that you will end up being sold pirated, non-genuine software. Windows has a fixed MSRP price, there's no legal way to get it "on the cheap" Microsoft. Places that are selling licenses for significantly less than the normal retail cost are most likely scams.
If you currently have Windows 7 Enterprise on your PC, and you do NOT have a volume license to Windows (e.g. you're just one person, and you inherited this PC somehow and it came with Enterprise already installed), you will have to re-install whichever edition of Windows you end up purchasing.
mikey250Author Commented:
according to ebay seller they had acquired Microsoft original volume license which allows upto only 3 machines to install win 7 on multiple time or install for eg.  however it was in the auction and I did not purchase it.
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mikey250Author Commented:
sound advice.  much appreciated.
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