Asking for recommendation of good utilities to make software development painless.

I am developing some big project (300K+ lines of code).
The all code is in C.

Code repository is on remote server based of fedora.

Now I'm on Windows(for some reason I can't change, the OS to Linux).

Now the requirement is the next.

I need to modify code from my Windows and make it more convenient and smart way.
Currently I use these software:
1. sshfs  to mount remote server on virtual box fedora  in windows. (pretty complicated)
2. codeblocks,  to find declaration and definitions.

So as you see it's pretty complicated to modify source code also it's very slow to save or browse remote files on codeblocks.

Thank you.
Nusrat NuriyevAsked:
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What about geting some revision control system like subversion running?
Jaime OlivaresSoftware ArchitectCommented:
Better you use an online code repository like BitBucket or GitHub. They offer you a free account for private projects (few users).
You can install subversion in Linux server and it will work perfectly as SVN+SSH server
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Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention that I have already installed git + sshfs.
when I start gitk and try to get the diff between commited source and current modified, seems it needs 10 minutes to get the diff. Maybe that's because there are a lot of files there?

find . -name  "*.c" | wc -l
find . -name  "*.h" | wc -l
find . -name  "*.*" | wc -l
find . -name  "*.c" | xargs wc -l
find . -name  "*.h" | xargs wc -l

find . -name  "*.h" | xargs wc -c
find . -name  "*.c" | xargs wc -c
find . -name  "*.o" | xargs wc -c
find . -name  "*.*" | xargs wc -c

How do you think does svn work faster with such source code?
I can definetely exclude files without extension and with extension .o
This should speed up.
SSHFS is always too slow to use and it does not support any file locking for multi-user repository. BTW nobody made you use it.

SVN will work over ssh connection.

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Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
Okay. That's a good answer.
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
Pretty good answer.
Hye, you keep asking small questions at large points. You could ask at 100 points too...
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
How to ask at 100 points?
There is no such thing like specifying points when I ask a question.

I have the following sections when use "Ask the Experts":

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Thank you.
Every day i learn something new, thanks.
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