Processor Sizing -- oneBig or multipleSmall ?

Trying to figure out if having TWO processors is worth
the extra Windows 2012 Standard license costs for a
100 user fileserver with LIGHT usage.

 What "Processor configuration" is better ?
   Option #1 = one BIG processor with 12 CORES
   Option #2 = two SMALL processors with 6 CORES each,
                          making 12 CORES total
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Semper PhiSystems IntegratorCommented:
The technical answer for this is more difficult.  Depends upon the applications use of threading in the environment.
For speed, processor frequency still rules.  Typically frequency is where the costs are still allocated.

Multi-Processors are more redundant
Depends on hardware design for the ILP and bus design (access to memory and chipset I/O)
Power distribution to the processors is also a factor.

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WORKS2011Austin Tech CompanyCommented:
What "Processor configuration" is better ?
Option #1 = one BIG processor with 12 CORES
Option #2 = two SMALL processors with 6 CORES each, making 12 CORES total

For a 100 user file server with light usage go with the cheaper of the two you're thinking too much into two powerful CPU's that will be more than enough for a file server.

Now, if you project properly how the server will be utilized in the next five years, will you create any VM's, adding storage, what type of drive configuration do you have now, etc.

Mainly if you're thinking of creating a VM you'll want cores and RAM (by the way how much RAM do you have), if you're looking at read and writes to the drive array processor power better.

Cores are used for multi-tasking, not allot of multitasking in a file server.
finance_teacherAuthor Commented:
If 10 users are accessing 10 different files at the same time is the processor going to use ONE core for each task OR will it try to do all 10 tasks on ONE core ?
PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
A single Server 2012/2012 R2 Standard license covers TWO processors, regardless of the number of cores, so your licensing costs will NOT change with whatever configuration you choose.
As WORKS2011 says - "The cheaper of the two", but wait; there is an even cheaper option, a single quad or hex core processor is more than enough for 100 user fileserver.
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