DVD cleaner

I have a Panasonic DVD player, which plays DVDs.  Although I clean my DVDs with alcohol and then dry it before  playing them, but the DVD's picture is still jerky or like in slow motion and sometimes comes to a standstill.  is there any good cleaners that I can use that the Experts have experience on, could recommend.  Thank u for your response.
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Doe this happen when playing all DVDs?  Or only some DVDs?

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jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
in response to aadih, it happens to all DVDs.
Computer GuyCommented:

Something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Memorex-DVD-Lens-Cleaning-Kit/dp/B00008EM7U

Is good. I used this with my professional CD players. DVDs and CDs you can clean, but unless you want to void your warranty you shouldn't open your player.

Companies like Memorex have created cleaners. They have a little brush on the backside that cleans your laser.

Works very well and has saved me a bunch of times by not having to pay to get my players serviced.

It is a good practice to do it every not and again.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
Most alcohols can leave a film and I do not use it for cleaning CD/DVD's. Also it is generally not necessary every time.

When I do clean, I use a well washed J-Cloth. I wet it, add a drop or two of "green" dishwashing detergent, squeeze the detergent around, lightly rinse, squeeze to a wet damp and wipe that around the CD in  a circular fashion. There should not be any suds. Be sure it is clear, otherwise wipe again with a different rinsed out J-Cloth and allow the CD to dry.

I clean my keyboards, screens, and iPhones this way as well.
It sounds as if you have a problem with the drive belt.
Or the video is a newer format that your Panasonic cannot handle.
When a DVD players are more than 5 years old they get outdated with newer layered commercial DVD.
They have so many layers the size is huge and the laser on the older DVD players just cant find the information as it's spread out.
When you look on the disc is it dirty scratched
Is this a commercial DVD?
How old is your Panasonic DVD player?
Try playing it in your PC DVD rom.
Is it a Bluray? Or a standard definition?

I have a panasonic DVR set top box. It plays all DVD formats fine but is only 3 years old.
A standard DVD without a lot of highend graphics is around 6.44 gig
Standard DVD example is Thor The Dark World see it's DVD structure pretty normal
Thor Dark World DVD structure 6.44 gigThor DVD Disc Size 6. 44 gigHigh End Graphics HD DVD go up to and more than to 9 gig
Captain Phillips I bought is one example of the larger DVD layers 7.59 gigs It shows DVD+r Ultraviolet
Captain Phillips DVD disc Size 7.59 gigThe DVD structure on these DVD is so long I have to take 3 snapshots and then join them to show you, these DVD may cause problems using an outdated DVD player
Captian Phillips DVD Structure
Test in computer if it plays ok then your Panasonic cannot handle these newer larger discs.
So when looking at your DVD disc if it is not badly scratched/dirty clean the DVD laser using a DVD/CD laser cleaner disc
 if it is badly scratched there is not much you can do about that as the laser cannot see it.
Replace the Disc.
i believe rather it is a problem with the OS or drivers.
you can test first if these dvd's play fine on another PC
then check for driver updates, and OS updates
look into fixits for your problem  : http://support.microsoft.com/fixit
jegajothyretiredAuthor Commented:
thank u everyone for our suggestions and advice.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@jegajothy  - You are very welcome and I was happy to help.
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