Folder Redirection not working after Migration

I added a new 2012 R2 DC to a domain with intentions of removing the an existing SBS2003 currently in place and I started running into a handful of problems.
SYSVOL initially wasn't replicating, so I did a non-authoritative FRS restore on the problematic DC, and everything started moving over. I made sure that the GPO's were identical within SYSVOL on all 3 DC's (The DC holding FSMO is 2003 Enterprise). I then migrated all of the shares, and changed the path within the GPO (The method I've used time and time again without any issue). Upon running a force, the path doesn't redirect for existing users. If I create a NEW user account on the domain and log into any workstation, redirection works fine. Inside eventvwr im receiving the error:

"Windows failed to apply the Folder Redirection settings. Folder Redirection settings might have its own log file. Please click on the "More information" link. Event ID: 1085

I know its not DNS or permissions as Ive verified all DC's resolve back and forth from each other by hostname, and the users in question can actually access all of the files in the directory ive copied to.

Has anyone run into anything similar?
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after you migrated the shares, do they still exist on the original server? The Windows clients expect to move the files themselves upon user login after the GPO change. If the clients can't find the files in the old path they will hang onto that path instead of using the new one. I think that is you leave at least the folder structure such that the My Documents, and Desktop folders (etc.) are available on the old share that the clients will be happy with that and then they can then copy them to the new share and start using them there for folder redirection.

If you redirect to a domain based DFS namespace you won't have this.problem in the future because you can keep the same UNC path while changing the servers that holds the files. I am in the process of migrating my file server which has dozens of DFS namespace targets and several TB of files and hundreds of clients. It is in use 24 X 7 so I don't get a maintenance window, especially not a long one that would be required to sync up everything to a new server and then do a cut over. Without DFS namespace it would be nearly impossible, and certainly much more disruptive. I don't have to worry about clients looking for the old server because none of them have any configuration that includes the actual name of the file server.
paulrauschAuthor Commented:
I just ended up nuking the local profiles after making a copy of the Offline File Cache, and logging back in with the domain profile.

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paulrauschAuthor Commented:
Resolved without assistance
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