fix css html issue


I have website called, I have some issues need to fix, could you help me?

1. Home page:
All the content should fit if the height is greater then 700pxls in height.
- The header, footer, and text should fit in the screen. the background image should scale
- Use This site as an example on the header and footer always in the viewing area (

2. Listing page:
- The footer need to stay at the bottom. I changed css like this but it break all of my site, include responsive version. How do I fix it without corrupted responsive version?

I have attach the screenshot site I want to. Could you please help me? I want to make it works with the change of the footer. All pages must work correctly.
Pham Trung KienAsked:
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You need to start with valid code.  You have serious errors like nested forms and unclosed tags.  The code is so badly written the validator cannot even process through to the end:

There is zero to gain trying to fix presentation or responsive behaviour when you do not have valid stricture to work with.

Clean up your code and then we may be able to help with the presentation issues.


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greetings kicor, , , I looked at your page source code, for -
and it is just too MUCH external JavaScript and CSS file imports for what you have there as your display presentation.
Firefox counts 28-javascript  and 18-css external files called for this page, , ,  that does NOT need that much operational Javascript-css for what you show. You need to start over on this page display design with only the responsive bootstrap framework essentials and get your Header, Main Display,  and Footer correctly set up with Minimum grid workings for the narrow PHONE view first. and then get your settings as the display options for tablet -laptop wider views. You try and do complex display, without understanding the connection and relationships for what  that requires. Sorry but like COBOLdinosaur, , I would not believe you current design is fixable.
I guess we should expect to see such childish grading behavior when we see such a badly written page.  If you do not like being criticized for the poor quality of your code, you probably should hire a professional to do the work for you, or spend some time acquiring basic coding skills.

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