How do I create a SELECT field

I want to create a form that gives users the ability to select the records they want to process. If I add a SELECT field to the table and two users do the same process at the same time they will mess one another up. Do I need to take the list of records, put them into a temporary table and add the SELECT field, or is there an easier/better/alternative way?
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Gustav BrockCIOCommented:
This is nearly identical to this question where the alternatives are discussed:


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The simplest solution would be a selection/selected table.

In the OnCurrent() event, you would do a check of the selection/selected table to see if it includes a row for the current user and current record (ID field).  Reflect the selected status on the form.  You can probably do this with one or two additional controls on the form.  A command button will allow the user to toggle the selected status and a label will show the selected status.  You might be able to use different button colors and texts with a single control change to your form.

The simplest check would be a DLookup() function.
Do I need to take the list of records, put them into a temporary table and add the SELECT field
I support that and approach it this way:
Assume table name a(aid Primary key, f1, f2)
Code to create a_temp table.
DoCmd.RunSQL "SELECT a.* INTO a_temp FROM a ;"
Add column sel yesno
DoCmd.RunSQL "ALTER TABLE a_temp ADD COLUMN sel yesno"
Make the form record source  a INNER JOIN a_temp ON a.aid=a_temp.aid
SELECT a.aid, a.f1, a.f2, a_temp.sel
FROM a INNER JOIN a_temp ON a.aid = a_temp.aid
ORDER BY a.f1, a.f2;
Each user can run his own a_temp table and hence the selections made.
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Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions. I've been unable to return to this project for the last few days but will try the suggestions on Friday before I close out the question.
Rob4077Author Commented:
Thanks very much. Sorry for the delay. All the options provided seem to be easy enough to work with so I will share the points. Thanks.
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