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How to deploy BDE with a delphi application using Installshield

I have an application written in Delphi 2010, and I have been using InstallShiled 2009 for quite some time now to create its installation file.
Lately I had to add some database features in the application, for which the BDE is required. Of course, when I tried to install it in systems without the BDE already installed, I got the following message:
An error occured while attempting to initialize Borland Database Engine (error $2108).

Trying to find how to add BDE in my installshield project I realised the following:

1) Installshield 2009 claims to have the BDE as redistributable (under Application Data>Redistributables, however it is not included in the list. In the help file it is mentioned that the BDE module is available only if a Borland tool was present on the system when you installed InstallShield. I am sure that, when I bought my computer, I installed Delphi first and then InstallShield, however just in case this did not happen, I uninstalled and re-installed InstallShield. Unfortunately, the BDE support did come up.

2) Trying to find a solution in the internet I realised that a BDE Merge Module  for RAD Studio 2007-XE2 exists at:
However, I do not have a clue how to use that

3) Finally, I downloaded a trial version of InstallShield 2014, just in case an improvement occurs, and to my disappointement I realised that the BDE support is not again in the list of redistributables. What is more, there is no mention at all for the BDE support in the help system.

And the bottomline is of course, how I will be able to deploy BDE with the installation of my application?

Thanks in advance,
2 Solutions
Geert GruwezOracle dbaCommented:
do not use the BDE anymore
there was just a celebration of "10 years deprecation of the BDE"

use other database connectors
there is plenty out there ... odbc, ado, unidac, firedac, ...

borland made 1 very big mistake:
provide excellent software that just did the job
they could have learnt a lot from microsoft ...
Sinisa VukCommented:
There is innosetup (freeware alternative) - which will deplay bde:

.... and yes... avoid bde ... use ado.... over the years I have not problems with it... except speed issues.

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