How can I turn off all permission restrictions in Windows 8? ALL of them?

Apologies if this is an old one, but I simply can't find good answers, and I'm happy to pay the points.

I recently moved from Windows XP to Windows 8.  I hate it.  Virtualized system folders, things not showing up where I move them, permissions, nag boxes,  etc.

Sometimes it doesn't seem to understand that I'm an administrator. In fact, I'm the only user!

I'm the only one who ever touches this computer, and I have always had multiple excellent anti-virus/anti-malware coverage.

I'd like to turn off every permission thingie item that Windows 8 can throw at me, so it works like an XP box. Every one. Can someone help?

--Steve D.
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you can try first turning off UAC (user access control):

if that doesn't work there's a few reg keys I can suggest that would disable other admin request prompts.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You missed the transition. XP is a weak, unsecured system.

Windows 7 and Windows 8 both have disabled administrator accounts which should stay disabled. Both have User Account Control. NEVER (NEVER) turn off UAC. If you do, you may just as well advertise your bank account numbers and passwords in the national news.

If your computer is working properly, learn to adapt to the new security model. The rest of us have already.

If you do not like Metro, update to Windows 8.1 and set the Navigation feature to start in the desktop. Put your most used icons on the desktop and you will not need Metro.

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You are taking about several things, some of them are caused by user account control and will vanish if you turn it off, so feel free to try it. UAC is not primarily a security feature, but it adds to overall security , so turning it off cannot be recommended if security matters to you.

Best would be, to give details on what your problems are in detail, so you can get real advice. Until now, you only drew a sketch, without details.
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
@StevenMiles  - Thank you and I was happy to help.
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