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Hi Experts,
I have a custom action that shows list of application pools in the system and want to bind these values into combobox which is inside customdlg.wxs and while executing MSI setup I should get a combobox that show list of app pools.

Please guide me how to bind custom action values to combobox in WIX?
custom action
//List all App pools    
public static ActionResult GetAppPools(Session session)
    using (ServerManager iisMgr=new ServerManager())
        System.Collections.IEnumerator ie = iisMgr.ApplicationPools.GetEnumerator();
        List<string> apppools = new List<string>();

        while (ie.MoveNext())
    return ActionResult.Success;

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<Control Id="ApplicationPoolLabel" Type="Text" Y="94" X="11" Width="349"  Height="16" TabSkip="no" Text="Application Pool: " />
<Control Id="ApplicationPoolCombo" Type="ComboBox" Y="94" X="100" Width="150" Height="16" ToolTip="Application Pool" Property="APP_POOL" Text="{80}">
    <ComboBox Property="APP_POOL">
        <ListItem Text="[APP_POOL]" Value="[APP_POOL]" />

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Vadim RappCommented:
Your custom action needs to populate table "combobox". Here's an example.

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ksd123Author Commented:
Thank you.I just followed the above example and here is the updated code for filling app pools in the combobox.Please correct me if I miss anything.

        public static ActionResult FillApplicationPools(Session session)
            if (null == session)
                throw new ArgumentNullException("session");
            // Debugger.Launch();
            View iview = session.Database.OpenView("SELECT * FROM ComboBox");
            int lIndex = 1;

            DirectoryEntries appPools = new DirectoryEntry("IIS://localhost/W3SVC/AppPools").Children;
            foreach (DirectoryEntry appPool in appPools)
                string applicationPoolName = appPool.Name;
                Record record = session.Database.CreateRecord(4);
                record.SetString(1, "APP_POOL");
                record.SetInteger(2, lIndex);
                record.SetString(3, applicationPoolName);
                record.SetString(4, applicationPoolName);
                iview.Modify(ViewModifyMode.InsertTemporary, record);

            return ActionResult.Success;

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I have a question in the above stackflow example we have following code and did not understand why I need this and have  ignored while filling app pools in the combobox. Can you comment on this?

        ActionResult result;

        DataTable dt = SmoApplication.EnumAvailableSqlServers(false);
        DataRow[] rows = dt.Select(string.Empty, "IsLocal desc, Name asc");
        result = EnumSqlServersIntoComboBox(session, rows);
         return result;

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Vadim RappCommented:
Because in their example they populated combobox with the names of available sql servers.
ksd123Author Commented:
Thank you
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