Need help designing buttons for my website

I have found a site that has some wonderful buttons I would love to use.
The designer has set up a demo and is showing the technique, but I am not familiar with HTML/CSS/PHP or ASP.
If is my understanding that my site needs ASP and cannot run PHP (I am not sure of this, but I know when I have used ASP in the past, things are pretty simple to get things working.)
The intro to the buttons are at:
The demo is at :
The coding info and requirements etc are at:
I am looking to see if someone could help me to get this working on my site (
I dont know where to start. I tried to copy down everything, and the upload to my sight, but the buttong dont show up.


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Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
The missing link is not HTML/CSS/PHP or ASP.
It's JavaScript.  
This code, which can be different for every webpage, like webpages is downloaded from your webserver, and the browser executes the code, adding functionality to your web page.
Check your library for a Learn JavaScript book.
View the source code of web pages.  Change your pages accordingly, making sure that the resources needed are uploaded to the relevant locations on your web server.
You can use relative addresses on your test/development system so that when the site gets uploaded to the production server, it's simply copying an entire directory tree. (Caching disadvantage if other sites on the server use the same libraries).
 Use libraries that make life easier, like jquery.
BrujAuthor Commented:
Ok, I did try to copy all of the lib files including all of the jquery and ease etc *.js files. It seems that the code as is, uses /lib (In code as /lib ) and then /pufferfish/lib (listed as lib with no front slash)

Looking more, it appears I do not have the jpgs listed in the styles.css. That could explain alot!
I need to check it closer and then see if I can find them...

In the Am though... Me be tired  Yawn....

BrujAuthor Commented:
Ok, I have been spending ALL DAY on this!
Locally, I can get it to work on my system. (I did not have the sprite.jpg file was the main issue I was running into last night.)
Now... I am having problems getting it to work on my site.
I have even "flattened" the tree all down to the root, and changed all of the code to reflect that all files are in the root (at least I THINK I did!)
What is happening is that the graphic version is not working.
the menu should be active when hitting
What am I missing??? Help!
Testing with chrome and IE9
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Joseph OLoughlinIT Support SpecialistCommented:
"latte.php" is not "javascript" and the browser doesn't know how to use it.
PHP is 'server side code, like asp, that the web server interprets.  Is php installed on the web server?

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BrujAuthor Commented:
I found out that my site DOES not currently support php. I have requested to have my hosting moved to a unix box with php. I should have that up tomorrow.
If it resolves, I will close, if not, I shall be back....

BrujAuthor Commented:
Although this was not the solution I ended up with, my site did not have php.
I find a site that showed how to do very similar with just html and css

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