How to play mp3 on amarok?

Hello, Dear experts.

Seems to me its need to be installed mp3 plugin.
But it's not obvious how to do that.

Rhythmbox is just afwull. System administrators are really tough guys.  

Should I run command like
playmp3 </path/to/mp3>

Or do some kernel patch to play mp3?

Thank you.
Nusrat NuriyevAsked:
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What distribution are you using? Many Linux distro's come with pure OpenSource software in their default setup. As MP3 and many other codecs aren't OpenSource and free, you often have to add the "Non-Free" repositories to the distro's package manager, and then install the codecs so you will be able to play them. Many distro's, when you try playing something using an unsupported codec, will then show a short instructive information on how to install those codecs.
The Gap with Amarok is that it does not read MP3 files when launched as default. To remedy to this, type in a console the following command:

"sudo apt-get install libxine-extracodecs"

Please check the image and the pdf file for more info

Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
sorry guys, haven't mentioned that I'm using fedora.
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Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
yum install libxine-extracodecs

Open in new window

No package libxine-extracodecs available.
Personally i'd recommend you to use Korora, which is Fedora based, but is easier to use and already includes non-free codecs out of the box. It is similar to what Linux Mint is on the Ubuntu side....

If you do need to stay with fedora, then you first need to add the rpmfusion repository so the codecs can be found when you run the command mentioned above (I believe the codecs are included in rpmfusion). How that repo is added is explained on the rpmfusion site:
By default a Fedora Linux does not support playing MP3 files. The same must then apply also for an Amarok music player. To enable MP3 support a user needs to install non-free codec. First add rmpfusion repositories:

NOTE: the command below will enable both free and non-free rmpfusion repositories

$ su -c 'yum localinstall --nogpgcheck \ \'
Once you have included rpmfusion repositories navigate to:

Amarok -> Settings -> Configure Amarok -> Playback -> Configure Phonon -> Backend (tab ) .

Clicking on the backend tab you should see what sound system you are using. In case you are using Xine add MP3 supprot by installing a xine-lib-extras-freeworld package:

# yum install xine-lib-extras-freeworld
For those using GStreamer enable Amarok MP3 support by installing a gstreamer-plugins-ugly

# yum install gstreamer-plugins-ugly
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
I have googled for that :)
And do you know  what I want to say?
It doesn't help :)
Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
I have used good old vlc.
Question is not actual anymore.

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Nusrat NuriyevAuthor Commented:
It's not that critical using exactly amarok for playing mp3.
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