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We re-did a clients' website and took over the hosting of it. In doing so we also took over the webmaster tools. I'll be honest with you, we normally just provide simple websites for small companies (as an add-on service) and tell them that they need to look after the SEO themselves. However, recently we have started to setup/take over their webmaster and analytical tools and perform the basics for them.

Going through the options there is a section called Data Highlighter. In trying to submit a page here it is telling me that the URL is incorrect. and that it requires www to be added to the address. But once I start this, I get a second error saying that we are not the verified user on this address.

The site URL when on the home page is However, when taking over the control of the webmaster tools I got control of In the majority of the webmaster tools this does not seem to be an issue. I have also searched on the difference between the two variations and the results say that search engines don't seem to care much. But I'm not sure about this.

I setup the second variation of the URL with webmaster tools and now have both under my control. So my question to you is ...........

Will having the two variations of the URL in my webmaster tools cause a conflict that will decrease any value that I have started to build up?


Will I now need to duplicate everything that I do in one with the other?

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In WMT (actually anywhere) is not the same site as and search engines do care a lot
One should redirect to the other and that should be used in WMT

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Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
The two are explicitly different in that: is the root domain of the web site is a sub-domain (www) of the root domain

You don't want to use both of these sites simultaneously, as you could run the risk of an accidental 'duplicate content penalty' in google. Instead, you'll want to choose one as the main website and redirect the other.

For example, I prefer not using the 'www' sub-domain on my web site, because really it's an antiquated acronym for "world wide web". The last time I heard someone say World Wide Web, was when my mom needed help dialing up to aol.  Also, when you tell someone your website address, you generally just say the domain name without prefacing it with double u, double u, double u.

So, if you follow my line of thinking, you'll setup a 301 redirect from the www sub-domain, pointing at your main domain, inside of the .htaccess file on your site:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.(.+)$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://%1/$1 [R=301,L]

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Just because you omit the www when telling someone the website address doesn't mean it's defunct, whilst mostly pointless for most sites as they will sutomatically redirect you, most sites still use the www and even still advertise the fomsin as such
Fomsin means website (using phone)
Lucas BishopClick TrackerCommented:
The large domains you see with www are primarily using it because of having to load balance and not dedicate a single IP to the domain. Unless the domain is in a position to where it does, or will eventually require load balancing, I prefer to deprecate the sub-domain.

Personal preference, but to me the aesthetics of no-www are much better:
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