How Can I create a mobile form on smart and connect it to online spreadsheet?


I want to achieve this, and looking for advise as I am unsure where to start...

I work for a car dealership where we currently have a minefield of paper  work which I would like to cut down.  To start with we have a customer enquiry pad, which we have to fill out by hand, and then pass it to management who in turn have to then copy the data in to a spreadsheet.

The solution I am looking for is to create an online form which you can use and complete on a smart phone or tablet - perhaps in an app, but not essential.  
On completion it would populate a PDF which can be emailed automatically to my inbox for printing. (See attached for example).   Equally it is important for each record to be saved (cloud based), and given a uniqe ref number and also for certain parts of the form to automatically be added to a online spreadsheet that can be seen and edited by the sales team and the line manager.

Just to make it complicated I don't know any programming, but am a dab hand with todays wyswig style programs.

Hope that makes sense and I am not asking too much. Looking forward to your advice...

ralph heijmerAsked:
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Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:
Hi heijmer01,

Look into something like WuFoo:

It's a hosted form builder that should support all of your requirements.  No programming experience necessary.
RobOwner (Aidellio)Commented:

There's a lot to do here and really unless you can break it down further you'd want to be hiring someone to do this.  I can outline basically what you'll need but actually doing the work could take weeks.

You'll want on-going support for this so either you would maintain it but it sounds like you may be out of your depth so you would want someone you could contact - just something to keep in mind.

Ok that said...

I would start looking at bootstrap or jquery mobile for the visual layout of your site.  Bootstrap works great because you can use the same html code on a mobile as you can on a laptop or desktop and it will adjust according to the size of the screen.  I personally use bootstrap but have nothing really against jquery mobile.

I'd forget about a spreadsheet, you would put all this into a database.  You could pull the information into a spreadsheet later (or similar looking webpage) for those that need it in one.  

You could also generate a PDF on the fly and have it emailed, using the database as a source for all these tasks.

I'd have another internal page that only staff could access to amend information as needed.

Happy to answer any more questions about the scope and what you'll need.  

As for the code, I'd be VERY surprised if you'll get anyone posting anything here as it's what we usually get paid for.


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ralph heijmerAuthor Commented:
thanks guys ill look into these options
Jason C. LevineNo oneCommented:

I forgot to add that you will probably want to combine Wufoo forms with a trigger-based automation service like IFTTT or Zapier to get the full benefit out of it. Those services would detect new form submissions and can write data to a Google Spreadsheet or send it to other services as you need.
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