DNS diagrammer topology tool

Hello Experts,

I need to find a DNS topology diagrammer tool that builds a DNS visio diagram same concept as the AD topology diagrammer tool for AD

Regarding DNS, an overview (diagram) of the name space, tree / zone structure, domain names used (top level & subdomains), etc.  Again the intention is to get an understanding of the design.

any ideas of toosl that i can use to map out DNS structure?

Please do not recommend to use AD diagrammer topology tool, I need a DNS tool that draw a visio file of my DNS internal& external structure?
Jerry SeinfieldAsked:
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Neil RussellConnect With a Mentor Technical Development LeadCommented:
To the best of my knowledge there is no such tool/addon.
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
DNS Topology mapper? What do you have in your DNS over and above Active Directory? If you were to include public external DNS records then your MAP would need several sheets of A0 to print.

A "Normal" DNS would only know of something along the lines of...

     /                      \
Domain.ROOT   Domain2.ROOT

You have a need to MAP out the whole of DNS by individual PC or just at domain level?

Can you give an idea of the number of domains/levels you have?
Jerry SeinfieldAuthor Commented:
I have two forest, each one with a empty root domain, and a child domain[where all resources are]. There are multiple AD integrated zones, somes stub zones, and we also have external DNS zones

Can anyone please indicate of a DNS diagrammer topology tool? Please, let's try to avoid back and forth posts, just need the tool that build a visio with a DNS insfrastructure
Jerry SeinfieldAuthor Commented:
Anyone else please?
Jerry SeinfieldAuthor Commented:
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