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Hi Experts,

I am not sure it can be done or not.I have one application which scan server data and produce results which fall in criteria. After that there is export option tab in application which export those results to excel.I just want to instead of manual clicks ...it can be done via excel vba from excel spreadsheet it self?

Application scan run automatic 1 min so excel vba export those result in excel automatic in 1 min?

Naresh PatelTraderAsked:
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QlemoBatchelor, Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
In general: no. You'll have to build the logic in VBA itself, but you (usually) can't control other applications. With the exception of simulating keyboard input, so the application thinks you are entering data or pressing keys.

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Naresh PatelTraderAuthor Commented:
What is the architecture of the system you are working with?
You are scanning server data... is this a database?
Databases can be read by Excel, Access and many other VBA accessible methods.
So there may be a method to achieve the results you desire.

So, can you provide a little more information on what is being 'scanned'.
I would expect it to be some form of database.

Naresh PatelTraderAuthor Commented:
Thank You Sir Steve,

even I am sure  it would be some form of database. but I cant have access to that data base - I have to add criteria in application it self & it produce result. sever of this data base far from my location & I cant have access.

Again thank you for posting comment on closed question .....sure I will connect you if I have any query regarding data base.

Thank You
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