Bookmarks in Powerpoint

Hello experts,

I would like to mimic the Bookmark feature of MS Word in MS Powerpoint as much as possible.

The reason I need this is to enhance re-usability of my presentation for my colleagues: I want them to easily replace a few statements (bookmarked by me previously) in the presentation and create their own customized one.

What I hope to achieve is:
1. Have a start page, hidden with a list of Bookmarks: for example City, State, Country.
2. Whenever I need to use City, State or Country name within the presentation, I create a link to the specific item in the start page (for example 'City') Just like the bookmark usage in MS Word
3. I complete and save my presentation and distribute to my colleagues. Any colleague may modify just the first page entries and have all necessary data updated by doing that in their own customized presentation.

As you might have guessed, it works like a replace function to improve re-usability. Neither I or the user will worry about old data forgotten to be replaced.

Please guide me with the simplest approach? I do realize scripting is a solution but I'd prefer an easier one if it exists. For example, does 'Link to Content' method works?

Thank you in advance
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There's nothing built in to PowerPoint that will let you do this.

Code is the only answer, ideally an AddIn the opens the "blank" presentation ans provides a form with options for city, state whatever and then fills them all in.
bozerAuthor Commented:
Thank you.

Can you share a sample code please? Or a link that explains this?
I don't think there would be enough space here to fully explain how to do this! Do you code in vba and XML?
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bozerAuthor Commented:
I am not a coder, I code using Google :)

I should be able to understand and customize both methods; perhaps vba even more.
This is not a trivial task in PowerPoint, as JSRWilson mentioned. What he won't say, but I will, is If you're not a coder, you should consider hiring one for this. It's more than can rightfully be covered in a forum such as this one, and it's way more than can be explained from the ground up for someone who doesn't already code.
Echo's right (always is) but I'm not looking to be hired!

I would suggest you find someone else to help you (less busy than me)

Here's what they need to do

Create XML to make a new ribbon entry.
Some VERY basic instuctions on our site here or buy 'RibbonX Customizing the Office 2007 Ribbon.'

Have the new botton run code to open a hidden presentation with Untitled set to True and open a form with drop menus to choose from a range of States, Cities etc.

When the form is closed search and replace your presentation to add the chosen features.
There's a good block of code on Shyam's site here which they would need to call several times.

Save the whole thing as a ppam AddIn.

None of this is going to be simple but it might be possible!

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bozerAuthor Commented:
Thank you both for the guidance. I worked heavily on classic ASP using vb or java script in the past and I love taking up such challenges. I was hoping there was a hidden trick for my purpose in Powerpoint but unfortunately there seems to be none.
It is time for some investigation and practice to get to my goal.
bozerAuthor Commented:
Thanks JSRWilson, I will pick up from here using your tips.
Good luck. It will be a challenge.
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