When doing 1 to 1 nating I am getting a lot of dropped packets

Ok I am having a problem with my internet and I have gone on with our internet provider for over a year and they are down to it is something with our equipment not on their side.  Here is what is going on we use Cox Communications for our cable internet we have 150Mbps download and 20Mbps upload.  We are trying to use an untangle box for the router and I am trying to do 1to1 nating on it from 3 internal ips to 3 external ips.  I also have to ports forwarded from the external ips to the internal ips.  we had this same setup with an sa520 before and it worked just fine then about a year ago we had problems and we though it was the router because we have had problems with the router at other sites so I put the untangle in place.  if I have a switch on the cable modem hooked up to 3 seperate routers with each one having the external ip and set the server to use it as a gateway then it works just fine but if I try to use just the untangle box to do all the routing then we get random packet drops.  what I have done to test this is ping the gateway on cox's side and also ping the modem ip and when the pings drop to the gateway at cox they do not drop to the modem and to make it drop even more if I do a speed test as soon as it hit the upload side of the test we get 5 to 6 pings dropped and the test will not go through or show an upload speed of like 1Mbps if we are lucky.  Cox tried a netscreen router which they say they do what I am trying to do with those all the time and when we hooked our network up to it it had the same results.  They say when we hook the untangle up to do all the routing it is not doing broadcast packet filtering or they say it could be a DOS fuction problem.  But either way they say it is not anything on their end it is something with our equipment.

Sorry for the long rant but I wanted to try to say everything we tried if anybody has any ideas please let me know
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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
uploading has to do with ftp ports maybe partially open from memory of using untangle. Untangle out of the box is an half open system, by default. try opening the ftp ports
grevelsAuthor Commented:
if you can explain where to open ftp because the only thing I can see to do is to just forward an ftp port I don't see a way to just open it
grevelsAuthor Commented:
ok after a year of battling with Cox on this problem and them saying it was our equipment about 3 months after I gave up for a little while. we had a client all of a sudden just like us start having this problem put 3 separate routers in and it worked fine.  2 days after reporting this to Cox they magically found a fix and asked that client to put it back the way it was and see if it is fixed which after I did it worked fine.  So I decided to put our network back the way we had it originally before we had the problem and guess what it worked just fine.  So it was something on Cox's side and it took 2 companies having the same problem for them to fix it.

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grevelsAuthor Commented:
Because it ended up being a problem with the provider not us
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