old backup recovery


a quick question to run by the experts:  2 DC's.   1 failed that holds all the fsmo roles.   (for lack of going into the problem, we have an option of booting that server up using a VHD image that is a year old).  

option 1:  boot the VHD file on the network, will it automatically update its AD settings from the current AD on the surviving DC?   (I would assume so since the UPN number on the new AD is higher than that of the old image).   Just want to know if there's anything else I should be thinking about??

option 2:  I seize controls of the fsmo's on the surviving DC.  then bring a newly built server, join it to the domain and promote it as an additional DC.    (this seems cleaner but requires more work with mapping shares, etc).
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Natty GregIn Theory (IT)Commented:
Mapping shares is the least of your problem. I would go with option two

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seven45Author Commented:
yea, that's what I was leaning towards and that's what I ended up doing.  

too many unknown's with the old vhd, and the USn numbers.   easier and cleaner to seize control of fsmo's, install new server as a member server, add DS features, then dcpromo it to the exiting domain.
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