Lync 2013 users statistics

dear all,

is there a way to get sort of statistics for Lync users which include as example the up time per account, last login time ... etc

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Dan ArseneauCommented:
Here you go, courtesy of Microsoft...

User Activity Report in Lync Server 2013
Did you install the Lync monitoring reports from Microsoft?  The reports have a ton of information.  This is the MS link:

In case the link breaks and for future reference, here's a copy of the important stuff:


Click Start, click All Programs, click Microsoft Lync Server 2013, and then click Lync Server Deployment Wizard.


In the Deployment Wizard, click Deploy Monitoring Reports in order to start the Deploy Monitoring Reports wizard.


In the Deploy Monitoring Reports wizard, on the Specify Monitoring Database page, make sure that the fully qualified domain name of the computer hosting your monitoring store appears in the Monitoring database dropdown list. (If you have multiple monitoring stores you will need to select the appropriate server from the dropdown list.) Verify that the correct SQL Server instance appears in the SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) instance box (for example, and then click Next.


On the Specify Credentials page, in the User name box, type the domain name and user name of the account to be used when accessing the Monitoring Reports (for example, litwareinc\kenmyer). If you do not use this format (domain\user name) an error will occur.
Type the user account password in the Password box, and then click Next. Note that no special rights are required for this account. The account will automatically be granted the required logon and database permissions when setup completes.


On the Specify Read-Only Group page enter the name of a security group that will be granted read-only access to the SQL Server Reporting Services in the User group box. For example, to give read-only administrators access to the reports enter RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmins. Click Next.


On the Executing Commands page, click Finish.
Monitoring Reports can also be installed from the Lync Server Management Shell by running the script
DeployReports.ps1; this Windows PowerShell script can be found on the Lync Server installation media in the \Setup\ReportingSetup folder. To install Monitoring Reports using DeployReports.ps1, type a command similar to the following at the Management Shell prompt:
D:\Setup\AMD64\Setp\ReportingSetup\DeployReports.ps1 -storedUserName "litwareinc\kenmyer" -storedPassword "p@ssw0rd" -readOnlyGroupName "RTCUniversalReadOnlyAdmins" -reportServerSqlInstance "" -monitoringDatabaseId ""
Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
In case you are looking for Reports for Lync online:

Not much statistics available unfortunately...
RhalaAuthor Commented:
Yes i Have monitoring server implemented, but what i need is a report for a specific group of users to get their information, for example, i need to know all info about Sales department users specifically, is that possible?
you can build up custom reports but you need some SQL skills to link up the information you need

failing that you use one of the inbuilt reports which isn't filtered for the specific users and import into Excel to amend
technet gives you some pointers on this

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