How can I get sub-menu items on Server 2008 to Auto-Open when I hover the mouse over them?

How would I get sub-menus on the START button to auto-open (expand) when I hover my mouse over them?  Currently that happens with the ALL PROGRAMS folder, but then I need to click on the various sub-folders to open them.  This is on a Windows 2008 R2 Server.  Seems that should be turned on by default.  Thanks for your help.
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Cant really say I understand.
But in windows 7 I open the start menu in that blank space at the bottom go to properties/start menu>customise>scroll down to>anything and where it says display as>choose Display as a menu well scroll down to music Pictures etc note>>  open sub menus when I pause on them with my mouse
Like this
show sub menue
kpourbaixAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestion.  The settings are already as you suggested.  That setting does allow the ALL PROGRAMS menu to open by hovering the mouse arrow over it, but the sub-menus under ALL PROGRAMS (like ACCESSORIES, ADMINISTRATIVE TOOLS, MICROSOFT, etc) all need to be clicked on to expand.  Seems they should also automatically expand when I hover the mouse over them, but they don't, even with the box checked to do it.  Happens on all of our 2008 Servers, not just this one.  I appreciate your help.
Actually auto open is incorrect you mean auto expand?
Control Panel Administrative Tools is full of shortcuts linking to the different tools so you could not open it only expand it. Same on my windows 7.
In the customise it is not available to show as a menu so I cannot turn it on.
system administrative Tools there is no group policy for it I can find.
I am the administrator of my computer it's how I setup my windows.

On my Windows 7 If I rightclick Administrative Tools in start menu all programs  I can expand it and what I see is
there is no option to auto expand, however in the rightclick there is Open All Users, Expand All Users.
The location of this folder Administrative Tools for the start menu
C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools
If I open it there it is "empty"
Going to the location r/click the folder  and send to desktop as shortcut is  "empty"
creating a shortcut  from it and put on desktop it is  "empty"
I cant see anyway to auto expand this automatically  seems the entire contents are in different locations.
I can make a shortcut to my desktop of the administrative Tools from control panel all items.
That works and has all the links
Administrative Tools Shortcut from control panel all items
Administrative Tools Shortcut from control panel all itemsBut cant be pinned/added to the taskbar.

What you could do for easy access from the start menu
is in the customise> start menu> on control panel tick to use it as a menu instead of a link
Then in your start menu there is an arrow next to control panel, takes a moment to open though. I have menus setup for a few folders hense the arrow to expand.
control panel as a menuI have is windows explorer pinned to my taskbar as a folder.
explorer shortcutAnd finally you could go to your start menu location and remove the files for Microsoft  Office folder to outside of the folder then they appear like that in the start menu individual
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs> Microsoft Office etc
MS Office start menuTweak the Start Menu in Windows 7
kpourbaixAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions, but the bottom line seems to be that there is no way to have the menus auto-expand?   We have 5-6 sub-folders and several dozen programs so the last work around isn't really practical for us.  It seems strange that they would eliminate that feature.
I believe it is because of the libraries directories of windows 7 and how the windows directories and users profiles are located and linked.
All my testing shows it is only missing with the windows components/all programs accessories system tools.
I cannot even set them as a menu.
I believe it is security based limitation so that no one can mess with them and unfortunately it can't be done without some form of tweaking through the group policy editor possibly.
Regards Merete

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