How to download videos from the web

There is a newstory featuring a close family member that I want to download and make a souvenir DVD for. I have used youtube downloader but it doesn't support these sites. The videos appear on certain tv station news website. Is there a way to download video that is embedded into these websites?
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Hi Mark could you post the URL so I can test it.
Youtube downloader free only supports certain sites.
The pro seems to allow downloads from more sites.
I think Merete asked the right question, give us a URL for testing.

I've found a few with no solution for downloading.   If you find no working option, you can use a screen recording program as a plan B,

The quality will be better if downloaded, but screen recorded is better than nothing.
what you need to use is jaksta at  It will work on windows and mac.

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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
This is not the video I am interested in, but it is from NBC news so it is a good sample.
Yes this is embedded and the actual URL for the video is not available to use for downloading,
They use AS3AdPlayer
Some video are hosted and when I rightclick the video screen and get video URL it works
same with these even if I use embed URL there is no linked to source.
Or capture the screen as suggested.
I'll test in Cam studio, the output size currently is around 500 megs for just 3 minutes so am attempting conversion.
Once I find a happy medium will post back results and suggestions.
These pages are just over done with adds and also the video refreshes itself so we are back to the add first.
I'm staying with my old camstudio no problems with it in windows 7 and no adds to my knowledge. Will upload a sample for your from Dropbox later.
Just for your consideration
Download CamStudio old versions      
CamStudio_Setup_v2.7.2_r326_(build_19Oct2013).exe 2013-10-23 11.1MB
Test example using Cam Studio with freemake video converter converted to mp4, original files 547 megs.
This new file is much smaller as it's just a sample of the new,don't count the megs on that one.
The full converted same quality is now 6.80 megs
Here's the sample on drop box.

If you would like to try cam studio  be aware of their advertising adware/ browser adds on offered, plugins..same with freemake it offers a plugin for FF Chrome and IE that must be unticked as well/ opt out of the offer to provide usage. That's it.
 I see all the warnings about advertising based installer but unticking/opting out of offers/browser add ons and your good to go.
Just keep clicking decline till you see the installer run.
Anyway I would never offer anything unless I use it.
So once Cam Studio is installed you need to adjust some settings to ensure it records to avi and has sound.
Cam Studio provides a tutorial and even explains about how much hate mail they got with their advertising adds so they are trying to have them removed making it safer for us. They also explains all the ins and outs of what codecs to use.
It is the full tutorial. Watch it first please.

I select Region, what that does when I click on record using the F9 I set the F9 as my shortcut key. Then drag the flashing lines around the area you want to record, then click F9 again to stop the recording, now you need to know where you put the video.
Usually in My Videos,
If you dont want to risk spyware
as the size can be very large that's why I convert it,
There is also Windows moviemaker to convert it just drop it on and save movie for, each output shows the video scale and possible size.
With freemake video converter I choose the format lets say mp4 then it offers mp4 for TV for DVD for different devices I choose for TV as that is a small video scale and good quality, freemake video converter offers tons of choices what to convert it to.
this where I got Freemake video converter from, click on the green download but be aware to untick the plugins for web browsers.
You may also get a flag from your AV you'll have to allow it through your AV.

If you want to by pass all this work there is WM recorder not free but all you need to do is add the URL abd it saves the movie for you no capturing . Buy it and you have it for life.
WM recorder is just one part of a set of tools but just get it if you wanted to convert it you have free tools. Here's all it's tools if you like the idea of all in one they do work really well.
I tested it but didn't buy it as I already have some excellent tools, it works really well. Simple and quick

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M_EpsteinAuthor Commented:
Thank you everyone! All great solutions. I will try them and report back.
Thank you Mark glad to help.
All the Best!!
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