Need Help on adding Active Directory server in DR data center

We have Data Center in Office and DR in Remote Location. We have dedicated AD servers globally in different sites. We are working on moving one of our data center to new location. We will move all our servers to new data center and to perform same we need to shutdown the AD server too for 10 hours. So far we don't have a DR server for active directory in our current location. I am planning to deploy a new AD server in DR location to fail over the domain controller requests for 10 hours until the current server comes up. Need help to setup new AD server in our environment.

- Plan to add new AD server in DR location
- Steps to configure the AD server in DR location
- Pre & Post steps to deploy the AD server
- Post Verification steps \ Replication Verification
- Possibilities of issues when we add new server in DR
- DR exercise (How can I validate the new server is accepting the AD requests when my current server goes down)
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Sekar ChinnakannuSenior EngineerAsked:
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If i understood right your AD Server in the dr location will be shut down and moved.

So you do not need a AD Server while moving. Its the location concept or low cost settings in your domain.

It means if a client needs AD Information like auth its looking for the nearest (low cost) AD Server. For performance reasons you should have that server near by your clients. But if you do not have then the client is asking the next one when he could reach it.

So in your case if there is no server or client at DR location why you should need a AD server?
If all of your other AD Server have a global catalog then you are already redundant in any desaster case. This is for the AD objects only. For DHCP etc you need another concept.

All your requestet stept are belonging to the dcprome.exe command. You should take some time to understand the FSMO Roles in a domain and if the moved server has non of them then just move them to the new location.
Sekar ChinnakannuSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
We are not moving our server DR server, I am looking for a plan to deploy an new server in DR to take care of fail over process when we move the current AD server to new DC and when the current DC goes down.
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You can add the new server in DR location and then move the fsmo roles

then shut down the server. After you restarted in the new location you can move again the fsmo roles to the original one.
Sekar ChinnakannuSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
Ok how can I confirm when I shutdown my current AD server and automatically fail over goes to new DR AD server and also Post Verification steps &  Possibilities of issues when we add new server in DR
There are no automatic fail over. All you have to do is manual work. The only concept i know for automatic failover is the combination of windows 2012 Server and hyper-v. Because this server typ you are able to boot and its regetting the sync files of the dc cluster.

For verification you can take from the MS blog:

There are no issues when you add a ad server to an existing forest. If the network is accessable for all ports needed its working like a charm.
Sekar ChinnakannuSenior EngineerAuthor Commented:
ok but still when my current DC goes down I want all my connection need to redirect\fail over to DR AD server. not to next available DC or other site
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