how to retreive data according to date constrain

I am connecting Excel to SQL Server to create some reports by using the data from SQL.. Example of data in SQL is Table name: Campaign that include (AccountID, date, impressions, clicks, cost). I would like to create a report in Excel that keep historical record for each week just like the one in the picture how i want my report to look like.. is there any way that allow me to pull data from SQL in weekly bases ?

Thank you!
Rawan JambiAsked:
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Click the Data tab of the ribbon, click "From other sources", "from SQL server" and off you go!
Rawan JambiAuthor Commented:
yes I know I am doing this already.. my question is when getting the data how can I make them come as blocks for weeks? for example (1 july - 7 july ) with their data (accounted, impressions, clicks and cost) then (8 july - 15 july) then the next week ... etc
You would typically create a pivottable off of the data, drag the date field in the row area and then group that date field.
Jerry PaladinoCommented:
Use your detail data to generate a pivot table.   Insert / Pivot Table...   Group the Date field... right mouse click on that field and select GROUP.   For Weeks, select Day and choose 7 in the number of days box.   Use "Calculated Fields" for Cost per Click and Click Through Rate.  Pivot Table / Analyze / Calculations group / Fields, Items, & Sets.  See graphics below.   A sample excel file is attached. GroupingGroup by WeekCalculated Field Dialog selectionCalculated Field - Cost per ClickCalculated Field - Click Through RatePivot-Table--Group-by-Week.xlsx

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Rawan JambiAuthor Commented:
Thank you so much that was very helpful.
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