Power Usage spike with an AS/400

We have an old (14 year old) AS/400 S20 system that since moved to a new location, has started to use 3 times the amount of power (AC) than at the previous address.... It does not make sense but then again, I don't know AS/400's very well..

Can anybody tell me if there is some logical reason why this could happen?

Any info would be welcome..

Chris RipollMaster of NoneAsked:
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Does not make any sense to search the mistake on your AS/400 machine. Its a infrastructure problem. Maybe old electrical installation. Its depending on your AC frequence but 3 times can not be. Maybe wrong messured.
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
As I understand it, this machine has a build-in UPS system with two battery packs. The system will not start if any of the batteries are in a discharged state or have failed. This tells me there is room for something to go wrong. This power usage spike started at about the same time that we had a major battery failure and the battery was at the verge of exploding.

My question is could the charging system inside the 400 be in a faulty state thus consuming excessive power? Are there any simple tests that can be done to very that it is working correctly?


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Hi chrisrip,

a ups can only be testetd by an elecrtical guy. He is opening and testing directly.
Chris RipollMaster of NoneAuthor Commented:
This was the case. Charging system was faulty thus always charging batteries and killing then in the process.
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