Exchange 2013 and milti-tenant

We need to set up a hosted mail server.  We want to use Exchange 2013.  I have read several tech net articles about how challenging it is and how Exch 2013 is not intended for multi-tenant.  I've also read about some third party software to support it, like control centers, some stuff from HP and other vendors.

So, anyway, I wanted to see that others are doing in this area.  Are you doing multi-tenant exchange.  IF so, how, what third party tools are you using, etc.

I'm asking more for a discussion that a question so I'll split points with those who reply.


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Sir LearnalotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here is a document from Microsoft that contains high-level guidance for properly scaling and deploying a multi-tenant Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 solution. It includes details of testing performed in Microsoft labs to validate the scalability of the product and suggests methods that can be used during the design and deployment process to mitigate potential risks associated with such solutions.

Good luck with your deployment!
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
Um, how do I open these files?  I have them expanded but InfoPath can't open them.
Sir LearnalotCommented:
Sorry, I dont know what happened to the extension. Its a Word document, open it in Microsoft Word
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