Iomega (lenovo) Ix2-2 Will not rebuild drive in Raid 1

Hi We have a Iomega IX2-2 External Storage that we use for ISCSI drive on our server
It runs RAID1
Yesterday I discovered that disk2 was giving an error.
I bought an identical disk that was in before (Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001)  2GB
THis is what i did
1. Power down the omega
2. Removed the suspected bad drive
3. Booted up on one drive to see all documents where there. When confirmed right drive was removed..
4 I powered down
5. I changed the disk2 with the new one
6. I restarted the Iomega

It comes all the way up but the screen stays the same. It does not start an automatically rebuild on drive 2
Please se attached piture.
Can it be that the BAY does not even se that the drive is there?
Any other idears?
If I for PD purpouses put the old drive back in, I will not mess up anything with raid?

Thanks for your timeDisk managment on Iomega IX2-2 (How Lenovo)
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
The UI that you posted looks like the latest firmware, but in case it's not, download the latest firmware here:

Note that if you're on 3.3.2 (I was) then you have to upgrade first to before you can upgrade to the latest I didn't realize this but found out quickly as the attempted upgrade from 3.3.2 straight to failed miserably.

If that doesn't help, you may want to try the Storage Manager client software rather than the web software. Download is here:

I just downloaded it and plan to try it as soon as my ix2 is done with RAID 1 reconstruction on a 4TB drive, which will probably run all night (it's been running for around 8 hours and is only 78% complete). Regards, Joe
morten444Author Commented:
Hi Joe
Thanks for your advise.
I will look into this when i am back at the school where we have the problem this weekend and will update you
morten444Author Commented:
Hi again
I tried to install the Strorage Manager
When i start it it asks to create a user (same as on my PC)
I give password and an account is created. Not admin through
I then go into webinterface and give Admin permission to my new user
I then restart the storage client.
I see the server but cant do anything else than browse the drive, setup cloud and go to setting.
I have no place to actually do any config and need to go to the webinterface to do any setting
See attached what i see. Cant even logoff
hmmLenovo EMC start screen. Not many options here
Also on the first screenshot i sent, there is an option:
Perform an offline file system check and reboot.. Guess thats not something i should do

This raid stuff is not good if you dont understand it :)
Can easy mess up everything so better go carefully

Thanks again
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
I had a similar experience this morning when I installed the Storage Manager. Seems that to manage the device you need to use the Admin account via the web interface. Also, after installing the Storage Manager, I was getting an Authorization Error when logging into the Admin account on the web and most of the apps in All Features were missing the icons! I immediately uninstalled the Storage Manager and all is well now with the Admin account on the web, and all the icons are back for the apps. I recommend that you uninstall it, too — it was worth a try, but clearly doesn't work well.

Btw, my reconstruction of the 4TB drive finished overnight and all is fine:

ix2 rebuilt
A few more ideas for you:

(1) The ix2 considers the right drive (as you're looking at the front of the device) to be HDD1 and the left drive to be HDD2. Put the good drive in HDD1 (right slot).

(2) Make sure the drives are well-seated. I find that it takes a fairly strong push to seat them properly.

(3) In the Drive Management Settings dialog (the first screenshot you posted) select "Mirror (RAID 1)" in the Protection drop-down and click Apply. I had to do this twice. After the first time, it did not recognize the drives — the second time it did. I can't explain it, but that's what happened.

Regards, Joe
The new firmware sucks!
But I guess it is too late since you upgraded.

For the password thing ,you can reset it by using a paper clip and then run the setup for new user and password.
That 0 byte disk thing can be a pain.

Pull both drives ,bott the nas ,then reinsert disks one at a time.

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morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for your adivise
I can get in as Admin, that is not a problem
Good drive in right bay looking from the front.
Its well pushed in and clicks in place.

My thoughts is that maybe there is an issue with Bay2?
If i took the good drive from bay1 and moved over to bay2 to test the bay. would i risk damageing the content on the disk so when i set it back in Bay1 it fails?
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
> If i took the good drive from bay1 and moved over to bay2 to test the bay. would i risk damageing the content on the disk so when i set it back in Bay1 it fails?

I doubt it, but anything is possible. For example, if there's a hardware problem in bay 2 and/or in the disk controller, it could theoretically corrupt a drive that you put in there. It's highly unlikely, but possible, so since the disk is now readable in bay 1, I would copy all the data elsewhere before pulling it out of bay 1 and putting it in bay 2. Regards, Joe
morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for the contrebutions
I never got the new drive to work but i inserted the old one and it has rebuild ok now.
Did a couple of tries. In and out. Boot up. Power down again, repeated 4-5 times and it came up

Not sure if new drive faulty or need some pre formating. Anyway system is up again

Thanks for your help
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You're welcome. Happy to help.

That's good news...or mostly good least the old drive still works. I would back it up pronto! A new drive should not need pre-formatting...much more likely that the new drive is faulty. Regards, Joe
Nah,been there done that with those NAS's.
I have 4 of them and they can be temperamental.
But when they were closing them out @70 bucks ,you learn to live with it.

As for the new firmware,be wary,as it busted a lot of things and the users on the Lenovo site are royally pissed.
No tech support available.
morten444Author Commented:
thanks. cool to know. i stick with current version for some time i think :)
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