PHP Fund thermometer

Posted on 2014-09-04
Last Modified: 2014-09-04
Hello experts,

Have anyone use the PHP Fundraising Thermometer:

I tried to create the thermometer, but I am just getting the source code on the screen.
Can someone please help?

Question by:lgduong
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Expert Comment

ID: 40304058
If you are seeing the source code that means your server doesn't understand PHP or you are not running the page through a server.
How are you loading the page in the browser? What server are you using?

Author Comment

ID: 40304205
I am running on an Apache server and I have created multiple php pages and are able to view the results of the php.  I am viewing it via Firefox on the web server that I do with my other pages.  Not sure what it is giving me problem.  Here is the code:
     Fundraising Thermometer Generator v1.1
     Sairam Suresh /
     NOTE - you must include the full path to the truetype font on your system below 
            if you want text labels to appear on your graph. No TrueType fonts are
            included in this package, you can probably find some on your system or
            else download one off the net.

     Inputs: 'unit'    - the ascii value of the currency unit. By default 36 ($)
                         other interesting ones are:
                           163:  British Pound
                           165:  Japanese Yen
                           8355: French Franc
                           8364: Euro

             'max'     - the goal
             'current' - the current amount raised

     1.2 - added a 'burst' image on request, cleaned up the images a little bit.
     1.1 - Internationalized :) added 'unit' at a user's request so other currencies could be used.
     1.0 - intial version

error_reporting(7); // Only report errors
Header("Content-Type: image/jpeg"); 

function code2utf($num)
 //Returns the utf string corresponding to the unicode value
 //courtesy -
 if ($num<128) return chr($num);
 if ($num<2048) return chr(($num>>6)+192).chr(($num&63)+128);
 if ($num<65536) return chr(($num>>12)+224).chr((($num>>6)&63)+128).chr(($num&63)+128);
 if ($num<2097152) return chr(($num>>18)+240).chr((($num>>12)&63)+128).chr((($num>>6)&63)+128). chr(($num&63)+128);
 return '';

//$font = "/usr/local/fonts/ttf/arial.ttf";
//$font = "c:/windows/fonts/georgia.ttf";
$font = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']."/fonts/arial.ttf";

$unit = ($_REQUEST['unit']) ? $_REQUEST['unit'] : 36; // ascii 36 = $
$t_unit = ($unit == 'none') ? '' : code2utf($unit);
$t_max = ($_REQUEST['max']) ? $_REQUEST['max'] : 0;
$t_current = isset($_REQUEST['current']) ? $_REQUEST['current'] : 0;

$finalimagewidth = max(strlen($t_max),strlen($t_current))*25;
$finalimage = imagecreateTrueColor(60+$finalimagewidth,405);

$white = imagecolorallocate ($finalimage, 255, 255, 255);
$black = imagecolorallocate ($finalimage, 0, 0, 0);
$red = imagecolorallocate ($finalimage, 255, 0, 0);

ImageAlphaBlending($finalimage, true); 

$thermImage = imagecreatefromjpeg("therm.jpg");
$tix = ImageSX($thermImage);
$tiy = ImageSY($thermImage);

  //thermbar pic courtesy

$thermbarImage = ImageCreateFromjpeg('thermbar.jpg'); 
$barW = ImageSX($thermbarImage); 
$barH = ImageSY($thermbarImage); 

$xpos = 5;
$ypos = 327;
$ydelta = 15;
$fsize = 12;

// Set number of $ybars to use, calculated as a factor of current / max.
if ($t_current > $t_max) {
    $ybars = 25;
} elseif ($t_current > 0) {
    $ybars = $t_max ? round(20 * ($t_current / $t_max)) : 0;

// Draw each ybar (filled red bar) in successive shifts of $ydelta.
while ($ybars--) {
    ImageCopy($finalimage, $thermbarImage, $xpos, $ypos, 0, 0, $barW, $barH); 
    $ypos = $ypos - $ydelta;

if ($t_current == $t_max) {
    ImageCopy($finalimage, $thermbarImage, $xpos, $ypos, 0, 0, $barW, $barH); 
    $ypos -= $ydelta;

// If there's a truetype font available, use it
if ($font && (file_exists($font))) {
    imagettftext ($finalimage, $fsize, 0, 60, 355, $black, $font,$t_unit."0");                 // Write the Zero
    imagettftext ($finalimage, $fsize, 0, 60, 10+(2*$fsize), $black, $font, $t_unit."$t_max");   // Write the max
    if ($t_current > $t_max) {
        imagettftext ($finalimage, $fsize+1, 0, 60, $fsize, $black, $font, $t_unit."$t_current!!"); // Current > Max
    } elseif($t_current != 0) {
        if ($t_current == $t_max) {
            imagettftext ($finalimage, $fsize, 0, 60, 10+(2*$fsize), $red, $font, $t_unit."$t_max!");  // Current = Max
        } else {
            if (round($t_current/$t_max) == 1) {
                $ypos += 2*$fsize;
            imagettftext ($finalimage, $fsize, 0, 60, ($t_current > 0) ? ($ypos+$fsize) : ($ypos+(4*$fsize)), ($t_current > 0) ? $black : $red, $font, $t_unit."$t_current");  // Current < Max

if ($t_current > $t_max) {
    $burstImg = ImageCreateFromjpeg('burst.jpg');
    $burstW = ImageSX($burstImg);
    $burstH = ImageSY($burstImg);
    ImageCopy($finalimage, $burstImg, 0,0,0,0,$burstW, $burstH);



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LVL 58

Accepted Solution

Gary earned 500 total points
ID: 40304224
You don't have short open tags enabled so

will not work, you will need to change it to

Bad coding on their part

Author Comment

ID: 40304234
I can not believe I missed that.  It is those little syntax that will throw me up.  Thanks.

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