How to add item image information to rss news feed using ASP.NET

I'm trying to include an image in the rss feed xml I'm generateing using XmlTextWriter. I have two problems:

1. What is the correct output format for this information? I found one source that suggests it should be formatted as follows:

<item>...<media:content medium="image" url=""></media:content></item>

But other sources seem to suggest I should be using the enclosure element.

2. I tried to use the following code to generate my xml but when I look at it via the browser, I get "Reference to undeclared namespace prefix: 'media'."

Here's the code:
        Response.ContentType = "text/xml"
        Dim xtwFeed As XmlTextWriter = New XmlTextWriter(Response.OutputStream, Encoding.UTF8)
        'The mandatory rss tag

        xtwFeed.WriteAttributeString("version", "2.0")

        'The channel tag contains RSS feed details
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("title", "My News :: News")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("link", "")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("description", "The latest news from My domain.")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("copyright", "Copyright 2010 My Group. All rights reserved.")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("category", "News")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("ttl", "120")

        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("url", "")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("title", "The latest news from My Group.")
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("link", "")

        Dim buildDate As Date = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeToUtc(Now())
        xtwFeed.WriteElementString("lastBuildDate", buildDate.ToString("R"))
        For Each dr As DataRow In T.Rows
            xtwFeed.WriteElementString("title", FormatForXML(dr.Item("nevTitle").ToString()))
            xtwFeed.WriteElementString("description", FormatForXML(dr.Item("nevDesc").ToString()))
            xtwFeed.WriteElementString("link", "" & dr.Item("nevID"))
            Dim d As Date = TimeZoneInfo.ConvertTimeToUtc(dr.Item("nevStartDate"))
            xtwFeed.WriteElementString("pubDate", d.ToString("R"))

            If Not DBNull.Value.Equals(dr.Item("nevPic1")) Then
                xtwFeed.WriteAttributeString("medium", "image")
                xtwFeed.WriteAttributeString("url", dr.Item("nevPic1"))
            End If


        'Close all tags 

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This code writes the media:content as <media:content medium="image" url="/images/NewsEvents/Image01.jpg" />.

My goal is to use this feed as the input to DevExpress's ASPxNewsControl.

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.
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ZekeLAAuthor Commented:
I found the problem. I needed to add the following code after the line with the 2.0 version attribute:

xtwFeed.WriteAttributeString("xmlns:media", "")    ' note that media must be spelled as lowercase

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