Oracle Tuning and Diagnostic Packs - Licensing


I'm after advice on the Oracle Tuning and Diagnostic Packs and what experiences people have used when it comes to licensing.

1. How many times can these packs be used for test/setup purposes before they need to be licensed?

2. When Oracle is installed, these packs get installed by default.  There are no instructions on how to switch these packs off.  Would anybody agree that Oracle by default have setup their installations to be non-compliant and will then charge the customer for this use!

3. When Oracle Enterprise Manager is installed and used, by default the database screen displays the "performance" and "SQL Monitor - Last Hour" screens which are part of the tuning and diagnostic packs, thus triggering non-compliance.

4. After the initial install of Oracle, no further warnings about having to license the tuning and diagnostic packs are displayed.  This is especially so when Databases are cloned/setup.  Given my experiences with Oracle Rdb or MIcrosoft SQL Server you pay for what you get.  There are no other features which are installed by default and then have to be licensed.  Oracle's procedure is counter-intuitive.

6.  Are there any other mitigating factors I can use in my discussions with Oracle?


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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
yeah ... you forgot support ... or was  that topic 5 ?
when you have a problem they ask for awr or addm reports which also require those licenses
support people are oblivious to your licenses

by default the tuning and diagnostic pack are activated but you can disable them from init.ora file
restart is required

for test... if you have a small developer community... go for named user plus licenses
(or if your production environment has a very limited number of users)
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
1:  Oracle is pretty gracious on licensing for development, evaluation and educational purposes
Here is the 'fine print':
Oracle Technology Network Developer License Terms

2: answered above but failed to provide the specifics.  Here they are:
Beginning with Oracle Database 11g, the CONTROL_MANAGEMENT_PACK_ACCESS initialization parameter controls access to the Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack. You can set this parameter to one of the following values:

•DIAGNOSTIC+TUNING — Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack functionally is enabled in the database server.
•DIAGNOSTIC — Only Diagnostic Pack functionality is enabled in the server.
•NONE — Diagnostic Pack and Tuning Pack functionally is disabled in the database server.

3: Don't see a question here but the 'links' are talked about in the doc link above

4: Oracle is more trusting.  Thus no license keys, etc...  when installing.  Using the liberal test/education license posted above I believe the thought is:
If we give folks free access to develop products, we'll get additional purchases from people using those products.

There are quite a few internal tables/views that track 'usage' of features and options.  Some of these are published.  I would be afraid of the ones that weren't published...

They likely also have a great batch of Lawyers if they ever catch you running unlicensed in production.

6:  Discussions about what?

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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
free access to 1 person for 30 days for testing and development
after it should be licensed
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TimGreeleyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all your updates.  

Oracle are saying that I have used the Tuning and Diagnostics packs.

My argument is that these options are installed by default.  No instructions in the install are provided by Oracle on how to switch these options off.  When you use Oracle Enterprise Manager in default mode this will automatically use the diagnostic and tuning options.  By default Oracle have set up our installations to be non-compliant and now want to charge me for this!
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
I know this is a bad analogy but here it goes:
You buy a car and by default it has a top speed on 100 MPH.  Try making your argument to the cop that since the car allows you to go 100, you should be able to.

I understand your argument that if they didn't want you to use it, it should be disabled but look at it from an Oracle Marketing perspective:  Once you see how valuable it is, you might be more likely to purchase it.

I'm not a lawyer and do not work for Oracle so this is just one DBAs opinion:
I don't think Oracle will arrest you if they audit your systems and see you have 'accidentally' used it once or twice.
TimGreeleyAuthor Commented:
Still a lot of money to tru up the license usage....
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
Yes it is.

Many years ago when Oracle first started adding the 'Advisors' to Enterprise Manager I was in the tuning class and the instructor made the claim:
Oracle ran a test:
Running the OEM Advisors versus a week of a group of Oracle Consulting.
The end result was the same performance gains.

I commented:
The OEM performance pack was about the same cost of the week of Oracle Consulting.

It made the Instructor and class laugh!
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