which monitor will program open in ?


I have four monitors.   What controls which monitora particular program will open in?
I am constantly moving them around each time I open them, and I open them many times in a day  ?
I am using windows 7
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Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
You may want to consider a third-party program that allows you to control which monitor each app runs on. One of them is Actual Multiple Monitors:
With Actual Multiple Monitors you won't have to manually scatter your windows across monitors. For each application, you will be able to assign a monitor, which the application's window should appear on after launching.
Another is DisplayFusion:
The powerful Window Location feature allows you to specify which monitor you would like selected applications to open on. You can select an application, then customize it using the different settings below. You can have all windows from the selected application open on the specified monitor, or only the first window.
Regards, Joe
Larry Struckmeyer MVPCommented:
Another choice might be to not actually close a specific program, just minimize it.  You will benefit from more RAM if you did that.
As a Windows 7 user,  W7 has a built-in key for switching displays> projectors, all you have to do is remember the letter P and instead use for monitors.
Give it a try.
PRESS THE WINDOWS LOGO KEY ( FLAG) on your keyboard hold it down then click on the letter P
Specifically, pressing Windows-P invokes a new display-switch toolbar that makes it a snap to switch between various display modes.
Press the P to select a display press esc key to leave.
Or just click with mouse on display.
I cant test for 4 monitors but it should work. Your feed back would be much appreciated if it works on 4 monitors, post a screen shot please, just use the print screen on your keyboard paste into word or a photo editor.
Logo key plus P to select displayYou can also use the windows logo key combined with the Tab key to scroll between opened windows
hold the windows logo key ( Flag) tap the tab key anything on your desktop will scroll on each tap of the tab key while holding down the logo key.
Release the logo key on the window of choice

windows 7 shortcut keys
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intelogentAuthor Commented:

nice try, but it wants to switch between projector and screen., not among the various screens.
i will leave the question open another day or so and see if anyone knows what controls which monitor a program will open in .
Ok thankyou for testing, where do you have these 4 monitors connected to what.
Is this a desktop or laptop?
Windows detects monitors or devices by plug and play, if you have your monitors connected to the video card then you would use the video card display manager/
how they connected?
connected to a docking station?
display adapter? / extender?
There is ultra monitor
intelogentAuthor Commented:
that software looks interesting..... lets see if someone comments on it.

i have two video cards, each with two monitors. Almost all my work is done iusing RDP.  as a result, new programs opened, open behind already opened screens.  That is why
it would be extremely helpful to control where a particular program would open to a particular monitor.
Yep no worries, the details really help
 it maybe  more suited to you to span them
see if this helps,
Span Multiple Monitors With Remote Desktop it has it's problem though when making things full screen
also Support for multiple monitors is available when connecting from any Windows 7/8.1 computer, however, there are restrictions when connecting to a computer using multi-monitor mode. When connecting to Windows 7 computers, only computers that are running Windows 7 Enterprise or Ultimate can be connected to in multi-monitor mode
Multi-monitor mode supports up to 16 monitors, with a maximum resolution of 4096 x 2048 per monitor.
Span Multiple Monitors With Remote Desktop
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Btw, those two programs I mentioned — Actual Multiple Monitors and DisplayFusion — are not just from Google searches. I've used both and they both work well, although I prefer DisplayFusion.

Also, here are two previous EE questions that I've participated in on the same subject:

Define where programs open

Define monitor positions where apps will run

Regards, Joe
Google searched/book marked  but I knew what I was looking for ;)
so I cant take any credit no problemo Joe..
I was going to add
Windows 7 Remote Desktop and Multiple Monitors
 RDP 8.0 protocol which needs to be specifically turned on.
To enable in Windows 7:
Install updates KB2574819 and KB2592687 on the Windows 7 system you’ll be connecting to. If you’re connecting from Windows 7 machine install them there too.
Just offering suggestions intelogent can decide
Joe Winograd, Fellow&MVEDeveloperCommented:
Hi Merete,
That comment was for intelogent, not you. I know you well enough to know that you knew exactly what you were looking for. :)  Regards, Joe
Ah!!  thanks Joe. My mistake ;)

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intelogentAuthor Commented:

i appreciate the comments. i will not be able to respond back for a few days. i will follow the links, and become educated, then report back

btw....... i love this place, and the support we all give to each other
That's nice!! :)
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