SBS2008 Lost OWA and RRW since installing SSL CERT

SBS2008 was using a self signed cert.
I have installed a Cert from Godaddy (done this before on many times), but now only the default IIS page is show the the url like this


gives a 404 error

How can this be corrected?

Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAsked:
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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
have you attached the services to the certificate in exchange
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
If I run Get-ExchangeCertificate and crosscheck the thumbprint, then I see the services enabled are I..WS
Which I think is IMAP/WEB(IIS)/SMTP ?
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
go to exchange management console and then click on Server Configuration. On the left tab you will see  Exchange Certificate, select the certificate you have installed and assign services to it.

It will also tell you what services are currently attached to it.

also, have you pointed the URLs for internal and external accordingly.

In server configuration, click on Client Access and then in Outlook Web App, right click on owa(default) and check internal / external website on it

it may be worth soft restarting the default IIS website.

Can you access owa internally ?
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Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
Attached screenshot - I cannot find the option you talk about for assigning services

URLS should be OK as this was working before with teh self-signed cert.  Revieweing the settings now they seem OK.   https://remote.[]/owa/

The server was restarted after the Cert was installed.

OWA is not accessible from internal (it was before) - Screenshot attached
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
Rebooted server, but still the same.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
have a look at the screenshots attached. You should have the options as I have.

apart from installing certificate, did you change any other settings?
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
I think the trouble is, your are using SBS2011?  or something with Exchange 2010.
I have SBS2008/Exchange 2007

The lower pane with the certificate status is not shown on  the version here.
Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
follow this article here to check the certificate and assign services to it >>>
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:

The 'Default' site was started, which blocked the SBS Applications from starting (same port).
Stopped the default site, set to not auto start
Then Start the SBS Applications.

OWA and RWW now working as expected.

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Kash2nd Line EngineerCommented:
glad you fixed it. also, you could look in to changing ports for default website from 80 to something else
Chief AvocadoChief of Problem Avocado'sAuthor Commented:
Because it worked
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