Does anyone know how to resolve laptop wireless issue?

My niece brought her laptop over this weekend because the laptop no longer connects to the internet.

This laptop appears to be of generic make. The name  is not HP or Dell but COBY.

I have never heard of that name before.

It is an ultra portable netbook pc, about 7" I think.

Once you power the laptop on and boot to desktop, you  can see the wireless icon.

Under normal circumstances, if you click on the wireless icon at the status bar, it displays all available networks to choose from and connect to.

When you click on this wireless icon, no network is displayed.

I have tried pretty much everything I know but no luck.

Any ideas what else to try?

I think the wireless card is 802.11n wlan card.

Thanks in advance
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Nick RhodeIT DirectorCommented:
Couple things to try is to uninstall and reinstall the driver.  If that does not clear it up try (if possible) reseating the wireless card
Manfred BertlManagerCommented:
Does ist show the wireless card in the device manager without error?
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Hi Nick,

I was going to try the first option of uninstalling and reinstalling the driver but recall that in my original post, I indicated the maker appears to be generic.

COBY is the name as the maker and I can't find anything useful link about COBY.

I did see but link takes you nowhere.

So, I don't know where or how to get the driver.
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sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:

No, it shows the wireless card in device manager as fully functional.

No yellow ? (question mark), no yellow exclamation (!) mark.
Is the wireless switch turned off? Most laptops have some type of switch that turns off the wireless radio. Some have a mechanical switch on the side of the laptop, others have a function key where you have to press the blue Fn button and an F-key that usually has a blue radio tower icon on it.
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
No, it is not turned off.

If it is, the wireless will have a red X subscribed to the icon.

Remember this is not a full laptop. It is 7" netbook.

I had already tried the fn + f2 key and nothing happens.

Although when I entered into ipcong /all in command prompt, it says radio is unavailable.

I restarted wireless zero feature in services.

There is also a wireless checkbox in control panel under networking that I unchecked and rechecked but no luck.

In the past, I have been able resolve issues similar to this by installing a separate wireless network controller but again, since I don't know where to download the driver, it is harder to resolve it.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
If it's a Coby Netbook PC (NBPC) running XP it's probably the 1022 - does it have a label identifying a model number anywhere on it?

Try Fn+F1 to toggle the generic Coby wireless card on/off
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
When you go to device manager, it says 802.11n wireless LAN.

If there is anywhere else someone can glean that information, I would be glad to check.

Also, what I am confused about now is that I have indicated that the wireless icon indicating it is enabled is on at the far right of the status bar.

So what I don't understand is that if it is on as it were, why do I still need to use fn+F1 or fn+F2?

Aren't these used to turn it on when it is off?

This one appears to be already on. It is just not finding any available networks.

Yes, it is running windows XP.

So, let's assume that it is 1022, do you know where I can download the driver?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
10" NBPC 1022

Are you sure there are no other identifying marks on the netbook?

10" NBPC (Generic)

Generic XP driver for Atheros AR5007EG wireless chipset  (Coby used this in their 7 & 8" screen models (with the huge screen bezels):

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sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Ok, you are on to some good here.

I will be leaving my office in about 45 minutes and I will try one of these links you provided to see what happens.

I will let you know.

About any other identifying marks, I don't know what you mean by that.

I will try running systemInfo from command again line to see if I missed something.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

This is the closest I have gotten so far to solving this problem.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Any labels on the underside of the netbook that might have a model or serial# on?
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
I will forward this info when I get home this evening.

When I checked that label last night, I could barely see anything. Tired eyes, I guess.
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
I downloaded and installed the generic XP version and vavoom!

It is working.

Thank you so much.

One question though. Is there a way to keep wireless connected at all times?

In other words, I just powered off the laptop, turned it back on and had to push fn+f1 again to enable wireless.

After doing this, I had to click on refresh network list to reload available networks.

What do I need to do to ensure that wireless stays ON at all times?
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Don't think you can.  By design netbooks like this were set up to have the WiFi card switched on only when in use as a power saving feature as the cards tend to hammer the batteries.  You might want to look in Power Settings in Control Panel to see if you have any options but suspect this is BIOS controlled.
sammySeltzerAuthor Commented:
Ok, thanks
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