new command for cisco radius-server source-ports

I am trying to find the new command fro radius-server source-ports 1645-1646 since it appears to be depricated.  We use tacacs so we do not have the radius server specified but we do need to put in the ports.  Can someone please tell me the new command for radius-server source-ports?


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radius server RAD01
 address ipv4 auth-port 1645 acct-port 1646
 key 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Is that what you were looking for? This is the newer format for configuration radius servers and specifying the port.
mmercaldiAuthor Commented:
unfortunately no, since we have a cisco acs server we are not specifying the the radius host, this was the command before we upgraded to 15.2

tacacs-server host xxxxxxxxxxxx single-connection
tacacs-server directed-request
tacacs-server key 7 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!
radius-server source-ports 1645-1646
I would think that the tacacs commands and the radius commands are unrelated. Specifying radius sour ports does not affect communication to a tacacs server, at least not that I've ever been aware of. If you have no radius servers, the radius-server source-ports command should have no affect.

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