Use Windows Explorer icons in my Delphi application.

Writing a cool little feature on a Delphi form with TTreeView.
Want to select, load and use Windows Explorer icons in my application, for various nodes.
This is a data tree, not file tree. Just want to use icons the users are familiar with.
Greg RowlandSoftware Designer, SysDBA, WebMaster OwnerAsked:
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What issue are you having?

Greg RowlandSoftware Designer, SysDBA, WebMaster OwnerAuthor Commented:
Load and use Windows Explorer or DLL icons in my application.
Greg RowlandSoftware Designer, SysDBA, WebMaster OwnerAuthor Commented:
Found these  2 windows SDK fucntions. Could use a code example of how to actully use them. unless there is a better way.

{ // SDK #1
The ExtractAssociatedIcon function returns the handle of an indexed icon found in a file or an icon found in an associated executable file.

HICON ExtractAssociatedIcon(

    HINSTANCE hInst,      // application instance handle
    LPTSTR lpIconPath,      // path and filename of file for which icon is wanted
    LPWORD lpiIcon       // pointer to icon index

{ SDK #2
he ExtractIcon function retrieves the handle of an icon from the specified executable file, dynamic-link library (DLL), or icon file.

HICON ExtractIcon(

    HINSTANCE hInst,      // instance handle
    LPCTSTR lpszExeFileName,      // filename of file with icon
    UINT nIconIndex       // index of icon to extract
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Greg RowlandSoftware Designer, SysDBA, WebMaster OwnerAuthor Commented:
This is one way to do it;
Found this code on, which I believe was actually plagiarized from Torry's Delphi Pages.


procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  ExtrFileName = {Enter FileName.dll here};
  icon: TIcon;
  NumberOfIcons, i: Integer;
  icon := TIcon.Create;
    // Get the number of Icons
    NumberOfIcons := ExtractIcon(Handle, PChar(ExtrFileName), UINT(-1));
    ShowMessage(Format('%d Icons', [NumberOfIcons]));
    // Extract the first 5 icons of DLL
    for i := 1 to 5 do
      // Extract an icon
      icon.Handle := ExtractIcon(Handle, PChar(ExtrFileName), i);
      // Draw the icon on your form
      DrawIcon(Form1.Canvas.Handle, 10, i * 40, icon.Handle);

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Sinisa VukCommented:
Store your icons (extracted from exe) in timagelist component. Then it is quite easy to connect treeview with this imagelist.
Similar question was before on EE
I think you should check these functions from the Windows SDK:
Greg RowlandSoftware Designer, SysDBA, WebMaster OwnerAuthor Commented:
Thank you Sinisa Vuk, your comment was very helpful in the next step, the code example is what I really needed.
All the best, Greg
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