Vlookup from other worksheet building smtp

Dear experts,

i'm seeking for a solution for my problem :
I've a worksheet (array) called "comp" up to 250 entries  (range A2:D250) in this form:
A         B              C               D
CMV    gal.com   dal.com    gil.com
DAL     dal.com
DEL     DEL.com  DAL.COM

In other worksheet called "PD" i've this formula below building prefix from displayname in B3  and
suffix (domain.com) depends on 3-LetterCode in B17.

for example:
B2= jones, mike

smtp in B4 (!PD) should be mike.jones@mal.com
smtp in B5 (!PD) should be mike.jones@dal.com
smtp in B6 (!PD) should be mike.jones@gil.com

The formula below is working so far but only from a small range in the same worksheet.
How the formula should change for a bigger range in other worksheet called (comp)?
I've tried with (B17,comp!A2:D200,2,FALSE) but not working.

Thanks in advance!!!

=IFERROR(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(RIGHT(B3;(LEN(B3))-(SEARCH(",";B3))-1)&"."&LEFT(B3;(SEARCH(",";B3)-1))&"@"&VLOOKUP(B17;A200:D204;2;FALSE));" ";"");"/,";"");SUBSTITUTE(B3;" ";"")&"@"&VLOOKUP(B17;A200:D204;2;FALSE))

=IFERROR(SUBSTITUTE(SUBSTITUTE(LOWER(RIGHT(B3;(LEN(B3))-(SEARCH(",";B3))-1)&"."&LEFT(B3;(SEARCH(",";B3)-1))&"@"&VLOOKUP(B17;A200:D204;2;FALSE));" ";"");"/,";"");SUBSTITUTE(B3;" ";"")&"@"&VLOOKUP(B17;A200:D204;2;FALSE))

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If VLOOKUP( (B17,comp!A2:D200,2,FALSE) is not working, then possibly you don't have an exact match.  Look to see if there is an extra space in the cell that should be a match in comp! sheeet.

Also note that you can/should make the table range absolute ("freeze it") so that you can copy down formula without have to manually re-adjust range.



The $ "freezes" the column/row in the formula so you can copy down/across with changing that parameter.

If you still can't get it, post a sample workbook showing the problem.

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Mandy_Author Commented:
Thank you so much
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