Invoking q-shell on IBM i-series

Trouble trying to invoke q-shell from remote windows machine using cygwin
gaurav sharmaAsked:
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gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
I have a IBM-i series machine where websphere is installed.
I have created jython script to automate the websphere war deployment and placed it in a directory on IBM-i.
Below are the steps to invoke the script through I-series client.(green screen)

Log in to IBM-i using the client and enter STRQSH
The above command will start the Q-Shell and then
I navigate to the directory where I copied the jython script and run it as "wsadmin -lang jython -f" , which installs the war on webpshere


I am trying to invoke the same jython script on IBM-i from another windows server which has cygwin installed.
I created a ssh tunnel from the remote windows machine to IBM-i and I am able to login to IBM-i machine from the windows machine using the SSH tunnel by using the below command

ssh user1@ibm-i       ====>logs me into the IBM-i machine without any password

I navigate to the directory where the jython script is present and invoke the script as "wsadmin -lang jython -f" and I get the below error

wsadmin: syntax error at line 12: '(' unexcepted.

I entered command

echo $0   ===(to see which shell I was using after I logged into IBM-i through cygwin) and the output is


Its showing Bash instead of Q-shell.

Is there a profile setting that I am missing here on I-series that would intialize the Q-shell

when I login from cygwin ?
gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
To verify the shell on IBM-i , I logged into IBM-i using the client

2. echo $0    

the output of the above command is

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
IBM i ssh server runs in PASE, not QShell.  PASE default shell is bash.

Since jython is interpreted, you probably just have a CCSID issue.  Compare the PASE CCSID and the script file CCSID and make sure they match.  It is a good idea to store scripts that will run in PASE in the QOpenSys file system.

- Gary
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gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
I am newbie to IBM-i. Thanks for the clarification. Checked the IBM Websphere site and the wsadmin utility I am trying to invoke only works in Q-shell. Below are the steps to start the utility in mentioned in the site

Steps for this task

    From the OS/400 command line, start a Qshell session by issuing the STRQSH CL command.
    Change to the bin directory.
    Run the command.

Not sure where to go from here.. :-(
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
There may be a better way, but this ought to work:

Log into a green-screen sessin and start qshell:


Open in new window

Then execute these commands, replacing your_script_folder with the path to the script you need to run.

echo cd your_script_folder >
echo wsadmin -lang jython -f >>

Open in new window

Then make your new QSH script executable:

chmod 0755

Open in new window

Test the QSH script and make sure it works:

Open in new window

Once you ave it working, start your SSH tunnel, and execute this command
system "QSH CMD('')"

Open in new window

"system" executes an IBM i native command from inside PASE.
QSH is a native command that starts a qshell session, and optionally starts a program or script.
So this should start a QSH session that executes your script, that in turn kicks off your wsadmin script.

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gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
Below are the contents of my script named

cd /QIBM/ProdData/Websphere/Appserver/V7/ND/bin/
wsadmin -lang jython -f /Prod/was_scripts/

Gave the script 777 permissions

I started QSH through the green screen and ran the script by getting to the path and it worked fine.

Through ssh tunnel:

ssh user@gamma "QSH CMD('/Prod/was_scripts/')"

I get the error:

bsh: syntax error at line 1: '(' unexpected
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
QSH is a native IBM i OS command, not a PASE program or script.  You can only execute PASE programs and scripts from ssh - at least directly.

You need to run the "system" command, which takes QSH command as a parameter, just like my example above.

It is a maze of twisty little passages:

ssh - Starts a PASE shell
system - PASE command that executes a native IBM i OS command from PASE
QSH - IBM i OS command that starts qshell environment.

Maybe there is a way to start QSH directly from PASE, but I've never needed to do it.  This should at least get the job done.
gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
oh ok ..thanks for the explanation.

Ran :

ssh user@gamma system "QSH CMD('/path/to/')"

Open in new window

output :

bsh: syntax error at line 1: '(' unexpected

Open in new window

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Some characters have a special meaning to bash.  When that happens, escape the problem character with a backslash.  

ssh user@gamma system QSH CMD\('/path/to/'\)
gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
Removed the double quotes and entered :

ssh user@gamma system QSH CMD\('/path/to/'\)

Output :

bsh: syntax error at line 1: '(' unexpected
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I can't test this at the moment.  Try:

ssh user@gamma system QSH '/path/to/'
gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
Ran the above command output:

CPD0049: Qualified name not valid for parameter CMD
CPF0006: Errors occured in command

Open in new window

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Looks like the single quotes are getting stripped before they make it to the native command processor.  

Try doubling, escaping, quoting, etc:  Your goal is to get the command

QSH '/path/to/'

Sent to the native command processor.  Some ideas:

ssh user@gamma system QSH ''/path/to/''
ssh user@gamma system QSH \'/path/to/\'
ssh user@gamma system "QSH '/path/to/' "
ssh user@gamma system 'QSH ''/path/to/'' '
gaurav sharmaAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot ..was finally able to the script using the call like
system "QSH CMD('wsadmin -lang -f /path/to/')"
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