Where are SNMP OID's defined

Is there a way to look up an OID and see what value it is supposed to return?  I don't see how a MIB file maps a friendly name to an OID without any reference to the OID in the MIB file.  I am properly misunderstanding how this all works.

JVM-MANAGEMENT-MIB::jvmMemoryHeapUsed <maps-to>, but how would one know this??

If someone could please explain, that would be great!
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David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:

From JVM-MANAGEMENT-MIB - JSR 163 Final Release 1.0
-- Enterprise OIDs
--        internet          OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { iso(1) org(3) dod(6) 1 }
--        private           OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { internet 4 }
--        enterprises       OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { private 1 }
      sun                OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { enterprises 42 }
      jmgt              OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { sun products(2) 145 }
      -- experimental      OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { jmgt 1 }
        standard          OBJECT IDENTIFIER ::= { jmgt 3 }sample breakdown

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lconnellAuthor Commented:
Excellent, thank you very much.

Where does this come from?

Also, how would I access the value jvmOSName? Would it be like this... MANAGEMENT-MIB::jvmOSGroup::jvmOSName ??

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lconnellAuthor Commented:
Can someone explain where the "" comes from? Where is that defined in the MIB?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
    ::= from MIB Browser http://www.mibble.org/

you can peruse the source if you want more.. also if you open the mib in a text editor you can find what you can use and the values returned.
lconnellAuthor Commented:

I understand where come from as you explained that very clearly. Am I misunderstanding an important concept here? I am assuming that the MIB: JVM would define the section which must point to a specific piece of information.

How would I know what the OID is referencing?

After looking at this site: IPMonitor I can see what I was expecting, a mapping between OID and the name.

So I see where I can see the mapping, but it's only possible using a MIB browser?

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