Windows 8 / 8.1 mail client stopped working

I have run Windows 8 on my Intel PC since it came out.  I did take the Windows 8.1 upgrade.  I have experienced issues with some folders not syncing over the last six months or so, but now the native Mail app stopped working entirely.  

I can invoke the app but no new mail loads.  I can press the Sync button, no joy.  I can start a New Email, compose and send, but it never arrives.

Mail comes in fine for the same Windows account on my laptop.  Issue is only on my desktop PC.
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Rolf HasselbuschConnect With a Mentor IT-ConsultantCommented:
You can uninstall and, after a reboot, reinstall the Mail App...that should fix the problem.

Uninstalling the Mail app does not lose any information, the information is not stored inside the app - it's stored on the server.
rowekAuthor Commented:
The problem just took care of itself.  I did nothing and it started working.
rowekAuthor Commented:
I never got to this point, the problem took care of itself.
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