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I need to write a sumif formula, I attempted as you will see in the attachment highlighted in green.  didn't work, can you help.
Pete EdwardsAsked:
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What do you intend to sum?

Glenn RayExcel VBA DeveloperCommented:
It appears that you are trying to use the SUMIF function using three-dimensional referencing like so:

Unfortunately, you can't use 3D referencing with the SUMIF function.

{Posted too quick!}

There are a couple of possible workarounds.  One might be to insert a SUMIF on each monthly sheet, then use 3D referencing to get those values.  However, I suspect that your master sheet - RF_OtherL - will have several rows of values in column B that you want totals for in column I, so this won't work.

The alternative (found here on YouTube) would be to create a SUMPRODUCT of INDIRECT references to the sheets.  

One would need an array of all the sheet names to make this work, say in column L (ex., L1 = "Jan", L2 = "Feb", and so on).  Then you can use this function:

Example file attached.


If you want to keep it in the formula you could create the Month array within

see cell I4

or create a named range with this data


see cell I3


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Pete EdwardsAuthor Commented:
Thanks.  I've been out of office, apologize for the late solution acceptance.

Good job, both will suffice my needs.

Take care
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