Hyper-V: How to configure multiple DC in a Hyper-V environment

I have 2 Hosts, each running 2 VMS and one Additional physical server that  is a DC/FSMO, on a single domain.    All three running 2012R2 Standard.  The Hosts are not clustered.

What machine would be my second DC?  Hosts arent supposed to do anything but host.  The Hosts are joined to the domain.  If the physical DC/FSMO can't come up for what every reason, how can the HOSTs come up, if I make a VM a 2nd DC?
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TunerMLSystems EngineerCommented:
I have done this exact setup that you explain in the lab, when I take the physical server offline the hosts come online fine.  I have also labbed a situation where the hosts had both domain controllers as guests and there was no other physical dc outside the virtual environment and experienced the same results. The dc being offline doesn't prevent HyperV from starting VM's what it would prevent in a case where passwords are not cached locally is authentication, in which case local accounts could be used.

a little more here:


and here:

Rolf HasselbuschIT-ConsultantCommented:
If you create a VM and promote it to a 2nd DC you have two running DC's so that the VM's will run normally even if the physical DC is down.
So if it is not normal that the Hosts, VM's and the physical DC will be shut down you will be totally fine with installing a DC in a VM.
howmad2Author Commented:
My assumption is that since the hosts are joined to the domain, they won't come up if the physical DC is down.  Is that true?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
That is not true.
TunerMLSystems EngineerCommented:
Incorrect as mentioned before
howmad2Author Commented:
I have always heard that it is manditory, for a hyper-v config, that you have a physical DC. Why?
Cliff GaliherCommented:
Pre-2012, very bad things can happen. And if your *only* DC is a VM and the host dies, you couldn't join a new host to the domain because your DC is gone. So partially it is historical outdated knowledge, and partially just misunderstanding the requirement.

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Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Another solution that I think is more than fine for small environments - DON'T put the hosts in the domain... then it doesn't matter.  You only have two.  They aren't governed by AD.  And in that case, you don't even need a physical DC.  (Although, as Cliff said, things changed in 2012 so it's really much less, if any, concern).
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