revamp  procedure to allow for starting and ending dates in stored procedure

Posted on 2014-09-10
Last Modified: 2014-09-10
sql server 2010

I have a stored procedure that accepts 2 parameters right now.
date and  Name

I need to add an additional "date" parameter so i can do a BETWEEN dates request.
basically "Start Date" and  "End Date"

Current code
ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[XRef_Emp_Hourly_Terms_Reportxxxx] @datex VARCHAR(1000) 
                                           ,@racf VARCHAR(100) 

           ,CONVERT(DATE, ModQueryDate)       AS QueryDate 
           ,CONVERT(TIME(0), ModQueryDate, 8) AS QueryDateHr 
      FROM (SELECT [RACF]											
                   ,[EMP_NAME]                                     AS Emp_Name 
                   ,[mgr1_name]									   AS Mgr_Name
                   ,[QUERYDATE]									   As ActualQueryTime	
                   ,DATEADD(hour, DATEDIFF(hour, 0, QUERYDATE), 0) AS ModQueryDate 
                      WHEN [PROCRUN] = 1 THEN 'xxGWW Search' 
                      WHEN [PROCRUN] = 2 THEN 'xxComp. Search' 
                      WHEN [PROCRUN] = 3 THEN 'xxSheetPost' 
                      ELSE 'Other' 
                    END                                            AS SearchType 
                   ,REPLACE([SEARCHTERM], 'near', '')              AS SearchTerm 
              FROM (SELECT * 
                      FROM [XRef_QA].[dbo].[idata_desc_search_logxxx] 
                     WHERE CAST(QUERYDATE AS DATE) = @datex) AS a 
                   LEFT JOIN [XRef_QA].[dbo].[emp_directory_04172014] AS b 
                          ON a.RACF = b.EMP_RACFID 
             WHERE RACF NOT IN ( 'xxxbr1dxp', 'xxxxmxvxx6' ) 
               AND RACF = @racf) AS a 

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Accepted Solution

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#1 Don't use BETWEEN

Look at what is happening here already:

SELECT * FROM [XRef_QA].[dbo].[idata_desc_search_logxxx]  WHERE CAST(QUERYDATE AS DATE) = @datex

You are casting every row of data in that table to suit a single date parameter,
Instead alter the method of filtering to suit the data.

use this instead:

By introducing a second date parameter, I would just follow the same logic, but you need to consider where that dateadd() logic will reside. It's your choice but you an embed the dateadd() part into the stored procedure, or into the way you call the stored procedure (which is my preference).

ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[XRef_Emp_Hourly_Terms_Reportxxxx]
  @datex datetime
, @datey datetime
, @racf varchar(100)

          , CONVERT(date, ModQueryDate)       AS QueryDate
          , CONVERT(time(0), ModQueryDate, 8) AS QueryDateHr
      FROM (
                      , [EMP_NAME]                                     AS Emp_Name
                      , [mgr1_name]                                    AS Mgr_Name
                      , [QUERYDATE]                                    AS ActualQueryTime
                      , DATEADD(HOUR, DATEDIFF(HOUR, 0, QUERYDATE), 0) AS ModQueryDate
                      , CASE
                              WHEN [PROCRUN] = 1 THEN 'xxGWW Search'
                              WHEN [PROCRUN] = 2 THEN 'xxComp. Search'
                              WHEN [PROCRUN] = 3 THEN 'xxSheetPost'
                              ELSE 'Other' END                         AS SearchType
                      , REPLACE([SEARCHTERM], 'near', '')              AS SearchTerm
                  FROM (
                              FROM [XRef_QA].[dbo].[idata_desc_search_logxxx]
                              WHERE QUERYDATE >= @datex
                                    AND QUERYDATE < @datey
                        ) AS a
                        LEFT JOIN [XRef_QA].[dbo].[emp_directory_04172014] AS b
                                    ON a.RACF = b.EMP_RACFID
                  WHERE RACF NOT IN ('xxxbr1dxp', 'xxxxmxvxx6')
                        AND RACF = @racf
            ) AS a

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the date parameters data type should match the data type of the field

For more on NOT using between please see: "Beware of Between"

and The Lone Date Ranger :: there is just one right way

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perfect thanks

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