Blackberry - Unable to Sync 1 User

MS Server 2008 R2

One of the company IT engineers deleted the exchange account for one of the users.
I have only just been told this and they don't know when they deleted it.
Someone has now created another exchange account and he has been using this for some time.

However the only thing that we cant do it activate his blackberry service.

I have created him a new BES activation (he did have this working on his old account)  and on the handset tried to set this back up.

It just hangs at "Connecting Server"

We can create new users and add these to the BES and the handheld no issues.   Just these two accounts that had there exchange account removed.

This is all I know, I have no idea why or how the account was removed.

Can someone help please.
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Tim EdwardsConnect With a Mentor IT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
From everything that I am reading did the person previous use Desktop Manager? you could try to activate his device that way or delete the device from there?

When you deleted the user from the BES did you as delete all the mail objects?
Turn off Wifi, ensure BB Net and 3G connection. Are there any BB permissions groups for BB User has to add again?
What kind of device is it?
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply.
Wifi is already off.
3G is ok
There are no other permissions for the user.

I think this is the was the exchange was added or deleted as I can set up any new user or old ones.
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The recreated BB account is linked to new Exchange account? Did they delete the AD-Account or just removed the mailbox? You could attach the old mailbox data again. Is the mailbox full?

The BlackBerry smartphone shows "Activating", "Retrying", or "Contacting Server" status during the enterprise activation process
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
Yes the BB account is attached to the new exchange account.    They only deleted the Mailbox not the AD amd the mailbox is not over any limits.
Tim EdwardsIT Team Lead - Unified Communications & CollaborationCommented:
Delete the user from the BES Server, wait 15-20 minutes... the just create him as a new user...
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
OK Tim, that was my next thing to do, so I have removed the user from the BES.
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
GetDeviceId() did not return a PIN, PIN currently is not set for this user

this is what I am getting from the logfile.
Bransby-ITAuthor Commented:
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