Cisco 3750... two vlans two seperate gateways

I apologize if this question is stupid. I'm building experience.

So at our colo we have a cisco 3750. We have multiple windows servers in two different vlans each with a gateway on the switch.
Servers in vlan 17 have the gateway of (my switch)
Servers in vlan 16 have the gateway of (my switch)

we have a managed firewall service at the colo. They give us two zones. Each zone has it's own gateway on the managed service firewall. (the switch) next hop is (managed service firewall zone 1) (the switch) next hop is (managed service firewall zone 2)

Currently, all windows servers in .17 can access the internet and ping (manged services zone 1).
Nothing in .16 can access the internet nor can they ping

From my switch I can ping both and
The all zeros route is 10

I'm a little new to this, how can I get the 172.17.16.x servers to get to their next hop of

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mauisunAuthor Commented:
... and the windows hosts are vmware vm's on the same hosts. vlan 16 on one NIC and vlan 17 on another NIC.
do you have 2 connections to the firewall service? if so, change the default route to be .1
if not, you'll need to do policy based routing. this should help get you started.
mauisunAuthor Commented:
I have two connections from the firewall.
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is there a reason that you have the gateway set as your switch? if you change the default gateway for the servers to .1, that should solve your issue.
mauisunAuthor Commented:
If I change the gateway to .1, I can see the internet but I lose connection internal, meaning from my desk at HQ I can't see the servers anymore.
how are you connected to the servers? if the switch is acting as a router for other networks (your desk) add a static route for your network pointing to the .5 address.
mauisunAuthor Commented:
I connect from my desk to our switch stack -->EPL-->Colocation Switch
The switch is the gateway for the network there.
I just got off the phone with the engineers at the colo, they said add a route to the switch that tells the switch to forward all zeros traffic from 172.17.16.x hosts to How to do that?
you're getting in to policy based routing to do that.
if you add a route for your network ( or what ever it is)  to point to and change the gateway back to .1 - this should solve both internet access for servers and your access to the servers.

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mauisunAuthor Commented:
Good solution. I used this guidance to split my network physically.
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