Error joining Server 2012 as member server to domain

I'm testing some migrations from an SBS2003 domain to a Server 2012 domain.

My current setup:-

SBS2003 - schema upgraded to 2012, exchange removed, DHCP disabled, DNS replicated
Server 2012 - Domain Controller running Exchange 2010, DNS replicated, DHCP

I'm now trying to add another Server 2012 as a member server, but when I attemt to join the domain, I get an error:-

An Active Directory Domain Controller (AD DC) for the domain "TUC.LOCAL" could not be contacted.

If I click on the details button it tells me that DNS was successfully queried and that the following domain controllers were found by the query:-


However, no domain controllers could be contacted.

Yet, I can ping both by name and IP and get responses from both.

This new 2012 server is getting it's address from DHCP and the DNS is listed as the IPs of both servers
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Chris MillardAsked:
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Andrew CliffSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Can you confirm that the SBS server owns all 5 FSMO roles and is a GC server? I think this is a requirement.
Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
make sure the DNS in your PDC  and additional domains are working fine. Go the DNS settings and make sure all are properly done. Do a AD health check on your PDC and additional domains.

Then for the member server make sure that the DNS IPs are pointing to your PDC & other additional DCS. Make sure that the date and time are correct on the member server.
Chris MillardAuthor Commented:
I have just confirmed that SBS 2003 DOES still have all 5 FSMO roles assigned.

Also, DNS is set correctly, and AD is also fine (a health check was done at the time of the first 2012 server install).

Plus, all 3 servers are guests on the same Hyper-V host, and all 3 have the exact same date and time set.
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Zacharia KurianAdministrator- Data Center & NetworkCommented:
The issue is most likely where the error suggests, with dns. I'm assuming the workstation is getting an ip from dhcp?

Please test the DNS on your PDC with : dcdiag /test:dns and let us know the results.
Chris MillardAuthor Commented:
Yes, the workstation is getting an IP.

I have just found the error though - the NETLOGON service was paused!

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Andrew CliffSenior Technical ConsultantCommented:
Within DNS do you also have service records for _gc, _kerberos, _ldap etc...?
Chris MillardAuthor Commented:
Andrew, yes I do, but as I mentioned above - the reason that the new 2012 server would not join the domain is that the NETLOGON service in SBS2003 was paused. As soon as I resumed the service, the 2012 server was able to join.
Chris MillardAuthor Commented:
I discovered that the NETLOGON service was in a paused state on SBS2003. As soon as I resumed the service, I was able to join the 2012 server to the domain.
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