Excel - Cell text splitting


LASTNAME                     FIRSTNAME

For Firstname i have  example:   BARGAS FORREA, JOSE LUIS (intern)
=RIGHT(B2,(LEN(B2))-(SEARCH(",",B2))-1)   the result is:  JOSE LUIS (INTERN)     should be JOSE LUIS

For Lastname i have  example:    BARGAS FORREA, JOSE LUIS (intern)
=LEFT(B9,(LEN(B9))-(SEARCH(",",B9))+0)    the result is :BARGAS FORREA, JOSE   should be  BARGAS FORREA

The formula should work with all given examples.  Is that possible?

Thanks in advance.
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Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
For First Name, will all data include the intern/extern in brackets?

If so:


For last name, try using:


In your example:

LEN(B9) = 33
SEARCH(",",B9) gives 14
33 - 14 = 19

The 19 leftmost characters includes ", JOSE"

Rob H
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
If nothing in brackets:


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helpfinderIT ConsultantCommented:
what if you use Text to columns?
you will use delimiter to split cell. In first step you will use comma (,) so you split Last name from the rest. Because for some records you have brackets () you will do another Text to columns where delimiter is left bracket (. With this step you will get First name (in 1st step you get last name in A column, in this 2nd step you get First name in the B column). The rest placed in C column (text like INTERN, EXTERN, ####, ...) and you can delete this column if you do not need it.
Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)Microsoft MVP ExcelCommented:

it might be easiest to use the Text to Column command on the data ribbon. First use the comma as the deliminator. This will split the last names and the first names. Then you can select the first names and use the text to columns to split at the  "(" sign. After that you can delete the column with the content that was in the brackets.
Mandy_Author Commented:
perfect as usual. Thank you so much , rob
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