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Hello all

A couple of my colleagues have  opportunities long term contracts on a clients site.

Presently they are entry level very Junior Technicians with basic PC and MS Windows experience.

However everything on the clients site is Linux based.

I am looking for ideas on how to:

start them off with Linux training courses.  

Training that is of a decent quality,

Starts with the very basics and has a good progression into more advanced stuff should they wish to do so.

They would consider anything from Online, DVD, or Classroom(based in Ireland).

Value for Money is hugely important as these people are on entry level salaries

Thank you
IP4IT StaffAsked:
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trinitrotolueneConnect With a Mentor Director - Software EngineeringCommented:
here are a couple of online resources which helped me

As they move into advanced topics a good book I would recommend is:
"The Linux Programming Interface"
gheistConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Try they have good pointers.
serialbandConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Beginners guide to bash should help them get started too.
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madunixConnect With a Mentor Chief Information Security Officer Commented:
Be aware, LinuxCBTs are good only for basic or conceptual understanding
Or: buy a book say and let them practice linux on desktop virtual machine...
IP4IT StaffAuthor Commented:
What about Redhat certification?

Would anyone recommend this?
trinitrotolueneConnect With a Mentor Director - Software EngineeringCommented:
definitely. But do it after having worked for sometime on practical Linux projects. Don't do it for the sake of a certificate.
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