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Script to login to remote share and run batch file

I need help writing a script that will login to a shared folder on a server in another domain (it requires username and password authentication - then the shared folder is available). Let's say I'm on COMPUTER1.mydomain.com trying to login to a share on SERVER1.thatdomain.com for instance, when I do this I have to authenticate with username and password. I put in my credentials and authenticate with no problem, then I execute a batch file to run on SERVER1.thatdomain.com.

I do not want the script to execute locally. So will I need to specify the server and login within the script to have it execute on SERVER1.thatdomain.com?

The idea is to restart a service on the server named SERVER1.thatdomain.com, but I have to athenticate first from COMPUTER1.mydomain.com.

Can I do this with a batch or powershell? What is best? Thank You!
2 Solutions
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:

Then, you can easily run the following commands remotely:

net stop "service name"
net start "service name"

Open in new window

This is the command you would run on Computer1.mydomain.com:

PSEXEC \\server1.thatdomain.com -u %username% -p %pwd% -c net stop "service name"

PSEXEC \\server1.thatdomain.com -u %username% -p %pwd% -c net start "service name"

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This exposes quite the security risk. It's better to leave a specified file on that share, and have a running program on the server, or scheduled task detect this file, and then run a specific command.
Noah_Williams35Author Commented:
Can we use Task Scheduler on COMPUTER1.mydomain.com to kick off a on demand task when needed to execute a script that does what we need done on SERVER1.thatdomain.com?

I want to take the best approach given security also...
Chris HInfrastructure ManagerCommented:
Yes.  Just use psexec in accordance with the task scheduler or script.
Steve KnightIT ConsultancyCommented:
If you just want to restart a service on there you can use sc.exe too btw from your end.

net use \\server1.thatdomain.com\ipc$ /user:username password
sc \\server1.thatdomain.com stop "service name"
sc \\server1.thatdomain.com start "service name"

Another approach is to have a scheduled task on the remote server which watches, say, every 5 minutes, for a flag file in a directory.  Drop a specific file there from your end and the service restarts and drops the status into another file. e.g.

On remote box, batch file scheduled periodically:

@echo off
if exist d:\shareddir\restart-flag.txt (
  echo %Date% %time%
  net stop service name
  net start service name
  echo %Date% %time%
) > d:\shareddir\restart-status.txt

On your end:

@echo off
net use \\server1.thatdomain.com\ipc$ /user:username password
echo Restart %date% %time% > \\server1.otherdomain.com\shareddir\restart-flag.txt

then the username only needs the rights to write a file into that share, nothing more.


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